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Anti-Semitism is on the rise among employers in the USA when it comes to recruiting employees

The maneuvers begin in Bulgaria with players from Great Britain and the United States

In America, anti-Semitic sentiments are on the rise among entrepreneurs; They are not willing to hire people of Jewish descent, 29 percent. Among them are those who believe anti-Semitism is acceptable in the workplace, the Jerusalem Post reported on Friday.

The Jerusalem Post cited a November poll by in which 1,131 hiring managers were asked about their views on Jewish people and anti-Semitism in the workplace.

The survey found that 26 percent of hiring managers say they are less likely to work with Jewish applicants. When asked why, 38 percent responded that “Jews have too much power and control.” A similar percentage attributed this view to “Jews claiming to be the +chosen people+.”

Some pointed out that “Jews have more wealth”, “They are greedy”, “They killed Jesus”, the Jerusalem Post wrote.

26 percent said hiring managers judge whether a candidate is Jewish based on their appearance. 23 percent said their company tries to limit the presence of Jews in the workplace. The portal asserted that 17 percent were told by their employers not to hire those of Jewish descent.

When asked about anti-Semitism among current employees, 33 percent of respondents said anti-Semitism was present in the workplace, compared to 29 percent. He said it was acceptable in the company they were working for.

“These statistics show that hiring managers not only admit to negative biases against Jewish applicants, but also that they don’t want to hire them,” said Stacey Haller, a recruiting expert and career consultant, as quoted by Jerusalem. Mail.

Anti-Semitism in the workplace starts when you hire people who don’t want to hire Jews, but it doesn’t stop there. With almost a third saying that anti-Semitism is common and acceptable in their workplace, it is clear that anti-Semitism is not limited to the workplace.”

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He noted that businesses must commit to monitoring, training and dialogue about anti-Semitism, and that eliminating prejudice is not easy, but necessary.

The Jerusalem Post noted that the apparent rise of anti-Semitism in America gives reason for debate on this topic.

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