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Antik Krulikowski leaves hospital, then drives away on a motorcycle (photos)

Antik Krulikowski leaves hospital, then drives away on a motorcycle (photos)

Antik Krulikowski and Joanna Obozda A few days ago, they decided to remind the Polish media of themselves. After the scandal around Little Vincent’s baptism has been cancelled Soon the ex-couple started down Share hits via social media, They accuse each other. Opozda, for example, accused the actor He does not pay alimony and rarely sees his son, as she has shown threats from his lover. On the other hand, Krulikovsky issued a statement accusing the mother of his child of manipulating public opinion and allocating large sums from their joint account. It was the climax of the controversy monday screen war, During which we had the opportunity to see parts of the couple’s private messages and bank statements.

Some time ago, Królikowski returned to the world of social media after a hiatus of several weeks. Although in recent days the actor’s profile has dominated content related to Vincent’s alimony and baptism Joanna Oposda, on Thursday the 33-year-old decided to change the narrative a bit. Actor who fights multiple sclerosis reported on the internet A visit to a hospital in Warsaw – which has not lost sight of the photojournalists.

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Immediately after leaving the hospital, antique He walked to a nearby motorbike. The actor got into the car, looked around from time to time He replaced his hat with a protective helmet and set off.

Remember that Krulikowski admitted to having multiple sclerosis three months ago, in an episode of the show Across the Atlantic. However, last Thursday he decided to document his visit to the hospital and tell him a little bit about the fight against the disease.

8th floor. Banach Hospital. I am lucky in my misfortune and for 6 years I have been treating MS Then wrote.

The actor also showed the web a video of his office performing while undergoing research and gave fans a chat with the nurses working at the facility.

I have the best with you. Please tell me who is your favorite patient? asked Antique.

No you, you – Heard from one of the nurses.

In addition, Królikowski posted on his profile a link to fundraising for the gene therapy of a boy with spinal muscular atrophy.

Watch as Antek Królikowski leaves the Warsaw hospital building and hops on a motorbike.

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Get a job at Glovo, he’ll have alimony

He immerses himself – with his behavior, his actions, his statements. Nobody should do that for him. He is hurting himself.

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With sclerosis you lose weight and it’s invisible and you don’t drive I know because I’ve been through it with your loved one embarrassment

It was known that he would go to the hospital again to pity 😂💁 ♀️🤣🤦 ♀️

This disease is not sclerosis, but delirium

“That bee you see here…” Cute scooter, very yellow.

He was wearing a baptismal costume

For many weeks I have been reading the campaign against Asia, Antique’s rightful wife. The wife who vowed before the altar and God. Beautiful pictures embracing a pregnant belly .. Was it fake? false testimony??? Cancel this wedding and add treason in marriage to it! Because there is no excuse for that except for the disease of flies? How can I use it to defend my photo??? What is this excuse? He’s looking for pity, not that way! In fact, Asya was at risk of getting pregnant on her own, giving birth without her father and struggling herself with problems, discharge, etc. No wife or mother wants to deal with it alone! Do you have any feelings? Then try to understand!

And the photographers were sitting in such heat in the hospital and waiting for him???

So when Opozda at the hospital took a vitamin drip and took pictures of him to advertise the clinic, it was fine, and when Antek is really sick, is that funny?

Everything is for people, no one should force anyone with anyone, but it is difficult to understand what kind of fungi he married for? He did it on purpose, to insult me. Why fight for this child, if he does not take care of him, in the early days he should strive for as much contact as possible, because a relationship is being built with the child, and still with you you missed the palang ….

Since when does illness absolve you of responsibility?

Paparazzi was caught, definitely caught, drove all day and finally managed to snap a picture of the star. Paparazzi can catch another Tom Cruise or Leonardo avoiding the paparazzi themselves, and the latter can only occasionally catch the star in a situation different from a movie premiere or press conference.

SM for 6 years and drives a motorcycle? Her friend has been ill for 4 years and can barely walk and has her own tricycle

Every day, the time will come for him, he will cry out of despair and pain!

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