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Antik Krulikowski relaxes with his new lover. Blink a balloon in the garden…

Antik Krulikowski relaxes with his new lover.  Blink a balloon in the garden...

Antik Krulikowski In August last year, he stood on a wedding carpet and pledged love and loyalty to Joanna Ubudzi. Soon it turned out that the couple was expecting a child, and fans congratulated Krulikovsky on his maturity and the fact that he was finally able to grow up.

However, it soon turned out that the beautiful photos in social media are just photos, because immediately after the birth of his son Vincent – it turns out that The actor cheated on his wife while she was still pregnant.

One of the portals that reported on Krulikovsky’s “side-jumping” and introduced his new lover – lawyer Isabella. A terrible hatred broke out on Antik, and the star did not comment on his performance in social media for a long time.

It later turned out that Królikowski had caused an even bigger scandal. The actor reported that he became the host of the new disease “Royal Oath”. After the news of “Happiness” was announced, fans wondered what the stars would be up to in Fight Night.

No one expected that the organizers would decide to invite the husbands of President Zelensky and President Putin. The public no longer had any discounted fare for Krulikovsky. After this scandal, Antik announced his withdrawal from social networking sites because he intended to focus on his health, because “he has someone to live for.”

Immediately after this information, in the program “Transatlantic”, information appeared that Krulikovsky suffers from a chronic illness. The actor revealed it Struggling with multiple sclerosis. Fans immediately believed that the story of the disease was only intended to confuse fans’ eyes, and a clever PR procedure to whitewash the infamous Królikowski.

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However, Antik returned to the shadows and pulled out of his social media. This time it was the paparazzi who noticed the young actor out for a walk with…a new lover! K.Rulikowsky was “caught” with his girlfriend and friend on a balloon on green grass.

Afternoon dream?

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