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Antony Blinken on Taiwan: China Moves Towards Violent Solution | World news

Antony Blinken on Taiwan: China Moves Towards Violent Solution |  World news

Anthony Blinken is currently in the Philippines. In a press conference held in Manila, the Secretary American state China blamed “irresponsible actions” for the shutdown of key communication channels with Washington. Beijing retaliated with Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan by suspending several channels of communication and cooperation with the United States.

It includes several military communication channels that are important in avoiding misunderstandings and crises […]. Suspending climate cooperation does not punish the United States, but the world, especially developing countries. We should not take the cooperation of global interests hostage because of the differences between our two countries

– emphasized Blinken, whose words were quoted by the agency Reuters.

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Blinken also reported on the votes of the coalition parties AmericaConcerned about China’s “dangerous and destabilizing activities” around Taiwan.

Antony Blinken says: America wants to talk to China. “We don’t want expansion.”

The US diplomatic chief said he handed over to the Chinese leader during a meeting in Cambodia Ministry of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi said the US is committed to maintaining ties with Beijing to avoid misunderstandings.

Let me make it clear that the United States does not believe that escalating this situation is in the interests of Taiwan, the region, or our own national security.

– he insisted.

Our communication channels with China will remain open to avoid escalation due to misunderstandings or misjudgment of the situation. Maintaining dialogue is even more important in times of heightened tensions. We want to ease these tensions. Dialogue is an important part of this

– added.

Taiwan Ministry of Defense: 20 Chinese planes crossed security demarcation line

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said on Saturday that 20 were Chinese Airplane Taiwan’s military breached the Air Defense Identification Zone. The ministry also reported that 14 Chinese warships have appeared in the vicinity of the Taiwan Strait.

Earlier, the ministry said several Chinese aircraft and warships were simulating an attack on the main island near Taiwan. On Friday, the ministry reported 68 military aircraft and 13 ships operating around the strait.

Beijing has announced that it will hold live-fire drills until August 15 in the southern part of the Yellow Sea, which lies between China and the Korean Peninsula. This was in response to the visit of the Speaker of the US House of Representatives to the island. Nancy Pelosi.

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