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Apple iOS: Manufacturer Doesn’t Tell Us About iPhone Smartphone Updates

Apple iOS: Manufacturer Doesn't Tell Us About iPhone Smartphone UpdatesSmartphones from the Apple iPhone family have been treated as a form of security for years. The relatively closed iOS software, which had to be adapted to only a few devices, allows stable device operation, smooth interface animation, and relatively few bugs. A large group of users have not had the opportunity to try the latter at all. It’s been this way for years, but for several generations, iPhones software doesn’t give the impression that it’s been pressed until the last button. This is true, but it must be said out loud that the manufacturer takes care of regular repairs of even 5-year-old smartphones and there is no slowdown in this. With each subsequent update, older devices receive new functions, interface elements, and access to additional services. However, it is not as colorful as it might seem. It’s time to deal with the myths about Apple iOS.

Long-term support for Apple iPhone, new iOS functionality, legacy hardware performance, and security. Not everything looks as if it was introduced by Apple and fans of the platform.

Apple iOS: Manufacturer Doesn't Tell Us About iPhone Smartphone Updates [1]

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Apple iPhone smartphones have many years of support in the form of system updates and fixes. The first goes to the manufacturer’s hardware that was first shown five years ago. In the “wars” between iOS and Android fans, this is a crowning argument. In fact, the Cupertino company offers its customers access to well-known solutions from newer devices, but it is not “golden” as some claim. As a user who has cut their teeth on Apple devices and appreciates their advantages, I have to admit that three, four or even five year hardware model upgrades are not as efficient and as rich with new products as in the case of one-year or two-year models. There are issues that Apple does not directly contact.

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Apple iOS: Manufacturer Doesn't Tell Us About iPhone Smartphone Updates [2]

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First of all, some functions are reserved only for new generations of smartphones. This is often due to hardware limitations, but not always. It is similar in the case of updating older devices, which, depending on the specific model, may even contain less than half of the solutions presented at subsequent Apple WWDC conferences. So expecting a 5-year-old smartphone to offer well-known annual-style gadgets misses the point. This applies not only to functionality, but also to some interface elements. Old SoCs and mediocre RAM just can’t handle it.

Apple iOS: Manufacturer Doesn't Tell Us About iPhone Smartphone Updates [3]

Here we come to the issue of performance. Apple, which is proud of the long support for iPhones, does not mention the fact that systems that are several years old often do not allow a newer iOS device to work quickly and efficiently. This does not mean that the smartphone will be clipped and the apps will be downloaded as long as they are on the cheaper Android smartphones. The level is still satisfactory, but we can not talk about the legendary “Honey Enhancement”. The truth is that there is above average support in terms of security patches. In the world of green robots, this is much worse. Summary: iOS is not as perfect as Apple and fans of the orthodox ecosystem have depicted.

Source: PurePC

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