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ArcelorMittal will temporarily close the blast furnace in October. reason? crisis. There is an agreement with the unions

ArcelorMittal will temporarily close the blast furnace in October.  reason?  crisis.  There is an agreement with the unions

About the plan to suspend the operation of a blast furnace in the steelworks of Dąbrowa Górnicza ArcelorMittal Poland announced on September 8 this year. To date, however, the exact time limit for the temporary shutdown of Furnace No. 3 is unknown (furnaces No. 2 and 3 are currently operating at the Dąbrowa smelter), and arrangements with trade unions have continued.

The decision was justified by the company, among other things, the difficult market situation, related, inter alia, to an economic slowdown in Europe or an increase in imports from outside the European Union. As indicated by it the prices Carbon dioxide emissions allowances do not apply to steel producers outside the European Union.

We note a decrease in demand and a backlog of orders below the technological level of at least two blast furnaces

– said Fredrik van de Velde, CEO of ArcelorMittal Poland. In addition, the company also contributed to the increase in energy and gas prices.

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There is an agreement with the unionists

Now we know more details about the shutdown of the blast furnace at the Dąbrowa smelter. First, it should probably be out on October 8th. Although, in an interview with, company spokeswoman Monika Olech confirmed that this date can still be postponed a little.

Second, it is already known – albeit with a significant difference of time – when oven No. 3 will return to work. This will happen from six weeks after its expiration date (ie in the second half of November of this year) to the end of March 2023 (when the renewal of the second blast furnace – No. 2) is due to begin. The exact date for the resumption of operation of the No. 3 blast furnace mainly depends on the market situation.

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And finally, thirdly, and most importantly from the point of view of the employees. According to the agreement with trade unions agreed on Tuesday, September 27, the No. 3 blast furnace outage period will only be temporary and will not involve layoffs.

The agreement includes guarantees to restart Kiln No. 3 within the above-mentioned time frame and to maintain production capacity at at least the current level. The second part of the agreement also includes guarantees related to the employment of employees. The Employer has ensured that the temporary closure of Blast Furnace No. 3 will not constitute grounds for termination of employment contracts

– says Lech Majscherzak, President of NSZZ “Solidarno” at ArcelorMittal Poland in an interview with This was confirmed by the company in a statement posted on Twitter.

As Majchrzak explains, during the 3rd blast furnace downtime, employees will undergo training. They should also use late, current, and unplanned papers. Additional work will also be limited.

After that, ArcelorMittal may also take other steps – suggestion work In other positions (will be retrained in cost company) and send employees to work in other locations (KrakowSosnowiec, Świętochłowice, Chorzów).

Only as a last resort, employees will be directed to car parks. The employees will then be relieved of the duty to work and remain in the workplace, and the basic salary for the layoff will be paid.

– Majchrzak explains.

In short – ArcelorMittal guarantees that it will not lay off employees, but some of them may have to take into account certain inconveniences, including lower wages (no overtime, during possible layoffs without bonuses and allowances for the inconvenience of working shifts) or working at a different job or at different place.

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Lech Majscherzak of Solidarity in ArcelorMittal Poland adds that the start of the renovation of the No. 2 blast furnace planned for the end of March will take two or three months. Then the company and the unions conclude another agreement to regulate employment issues during this period.

When ArcelorMittal Poland announced a plan to temporarily close blast furnace No. 3 at the beginning of September, trade unions warned that the situation with the company’s Krakow steel mills in 2020 could repeat itself. At that time, there was also talk of a temporary shutdown of the blast furnace, and in the end it was decided to permanently close it and liquidate the raw material part of the Krakow steel mills. Now, Majscherzak says, those concerns are a bit smaller.

After an agreement in which the employer pledged to restart Furnace No. 3, eventually work on two blast furnaces and maintain production capacity at at least the current level, these concerns were somewhat mitigated. But we are a multinational company and can implement different scenarios. So we didn’t completely get rid of our fears

– says Majsharzuk.

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