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Archaeologist Marcos Casiro says Anvisa’s decision on Sputnik is absurd and political

Epidemiologist Marcos Casiro considers the decision of the National Health Watch (ANVISA) absurd It is recommended not to import the Russian Sputnik V vaccine. “It makes no sense. In this conclusion, I have no doubt that it is a politically biased, origin analysis. It is an absurdity. It is a vaccine that we already have on hand to improve this mess that the country is experiencing with the corona virus epidemic,” he says.

Cassero says it is important to consider that Anvisa may raise some issues related to the documents. “But they made some comments that were unacceptable.”

“Anvisa is a bureaucratic element, which means it does not carry out any laboratory research. They were not vaccinated and tested in the lab to see if they had a live virus. They simply took the documents and read them, ”he points out.

According to the epidemiologist, Kamaleya (Russian Biological Laboratory) technicians sent very few documents without any malpractice.

In addition, he continues, Sputnik V has already been adopted in more than 62 countries and has gone through reputable regulatory bodies in Russia, Mexico, Argentina and many other countries.

America and Europe

“Even if it does not go through the EU and the United States, it also makes no sense. For example, the astrogeneca we use here, owned by Fiocruz, is not approved in the United States, where, at that time, only Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson were allowed for emergency use. We have to donate to the countries, “said Caseiro.

He also says that Sputnik had a study published in the 3rd issue of an international journal: “Has anyone heard of any problems in these countries?”

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In the opinion of the doctor, Anvisa is more severe in Russian vaccine analysis and much less severe in the analysis of other vaccines. “For example, there is no release in Coronavoc Phase 3,” he adds.

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