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Are cell phones harmful to health? Do smartphones cause cancer? See what the search results say about this topic

Are cell phones harmful to health?  Do smartphones cause cancer?  See what the search results say about this topic

The 5G cellular network is undergoing intensive development, while the controversy over its potential harm to health continues. The most exciting question is whether cell phones cause brain cancer. While there is still a lack of qualitative research on this topic, some information is provided by a large British study. Learn about the research results and why it is recommended to limit smartphone use.


Do cell phones cause cancer? In order to be able to analyze this problem, they need Many years of notesBecause the development of cancer is a long-term problem. This is what research-based work is like The Million Women Studyfor which participant recruitment began in 1996. The analysis used data from 1.3 million women born in 1935-1950, collected up to 2001, and then medical interviews also collected and repeated a decade later. On the other hand, information about the participants’ incidence of cancer, including benign forms of the disease related to the brain, came from the NHS database.

During 14 years of follow-up, 3268 cases of brain cancer were detected in a cohort of more than 776,000 women who completed the questionnaire in 2001. However, when the data were subjected to statistical analysis, important conclusions were obtained.

There is no statistically significant relationship between daily mobile phone use and per minute use. 20 minutes per week or use for 1 minute. 10 years in the past and the development of brain cancer.

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