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Are we going to educate medical engineers? a. Podbielska: we need “jutronauts”

Are we going to educate medical engineers?  a.  Podbielska: we need "jutronauts"
  • The medical staff education system is still not fully prepared for the modern needs of technology development
  • – In the USA, studies have already been carried out, which end with obtaining the title of medical engineer, that is, doctor-engineer – says in an interview with Health Market Prof. Helena Podpilska
  • In Poland, 10 universities are educating biomedical engineers, but according to the expert, this is not enough
  • – They are engineers who understand doctors, but this is not a substitute for educating doctors in new technologies – stresses
  • That is why Wrocaw University of Science and Technology is preparing to start studies in the field of medicine, which it will conduct in collaboration with Wrocaw Hospitals. First of all, you would like to accept 60 students

Physician training. ‘We need people who will shape the face of medicine’

Contemporary hospitals are increasingly filled with modern equipment. according to the professor. not be. Helena Podpilska From the Wrocław University of Science and Technology, the education system for medical staff in Poland has not kept pace with the development of technology. The professor is a physician and engineer, and he also holds a post-doctoral degree in physical sciences.

Technological development has so accelerated that hardly any system of traditional medicine can keep pace with its educational assumptions. Therefore, in the United States, studies are already offered with degree grants Physician engineer or physician engineer. These are not group studies, but for the elite – says the expert in an interview with Health Market.

As he asserts, technology can no longer be separated from medicine.

We cannot educate doctors who will not be familiar with new technologies. It should be included in the curriculum and at the moment many universities in the world understand it – he points out.

During the “Education of Medical Personnel in Poland” session organized as part of the 18th Health Market Forum 2022 (Warsaw, 24-25 October 2022), she drew attention to the need to educate physicians who will guide the development of modern medicine and pass on the baton of teachers to future generations, and will They develop the concept of 3P Medicine, on the basis of personalization, prevention and prediction, closely related to highly specialized technologies.

Wrocław University of Science and Technology wants to educate doctors. For starters, it offers 60 places in a direction

– We need tomorrow’s cars. The people who will shape the face of medicine in the future. this is the reason Wrocław University of Science and Technology is one of those universities that plans to establish a medical college, but it is a very elite university – announced during the session.

She added: – We want to use the facilities we have. For several decades, we’ve been training in biomedical engineering. We understand what medicine expects from the technological side, and I must say that our search for hospitals to cooperate in organizing training places for students was met with incredible enthusiasm by the institutions of Wroclaw. She added that no hospital refused us.

As the expert admits, the university now has more willingness to cooperate than it plans to accept students. According to the information provided by the university authorities, it appears that as of the next academic year, 60 people will begin their studies in the first year of medicine.

Scientists are already conducting a lot of research related to medicine at the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology. Since 2017, the university has implemented more than 100 scholarships in this field.

The new college’s research staff will largely consist of physicians with academic degrees and titles. In September, the Senate of the Wrocław University of Science and Technology gave a positive opinion on the movement on this issue. Now, approval for the management of the College of Medicine must be issued by the Minister of Education and Science.

– We want to provide education at the highest level using modern simulators and in cooperation with hospitals – concludes Prof. Dr. Podpilska.

See also retransmission session “Education of medical staff in Poland”Held during the 18th Health Market Forum 2022.

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