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Are you emotionally neglected? 3 Signs That Might Prove It – Zdrowie Wprost

Are you emotionally neglected?  3 Signs That Might Prove It - Zdrowie Wprost

Emotional neglect is a problem of great importance and it is a burden and a burden on life. Parents who do not show the child their feelings and do not reassure him that he is loved by them, and therefore harm him for the rest of his life. Such a child feels rejected and blames himself for not being good enough to be loved. He searches for guilt within him, and this pattern of thinking stays with him into adulthood.

Parents can emotionally neglect a child in many ways. Some do this through work – focusing on supervising their household chores and earning money to support their home and family, and they may not even notice that they are not giving their children enough attention. On the other hand, other parents spend time with their children but do not tell them about their feelings, and the children may not know that they love them. Saying these two simple words may seem trivial, because love should be shown through actions, not words, but for children these two words are very important.

How do you recognize the signs that you are emotionally neglected? It turns out it is not clear.

1. Emotionally neglected people find it difficult to show affection

Children who do not receive enough attention and are not sure of love grow up to be emotionally neglected adults. Such people may have difficulty expressing feelings, they are secretive, shy, hiding in themselves. They can be introverted, but they can also seem to surround themselves with people who never reveal their feelings to them.

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In partnerships and mature relationships, they may have a hard time showing affection. Such people cannot hug another person, tell them how they feel and what they think. It can be difficult for them to express even the simplest of feelings due to the fear of rejection. People who have been emotionally neglected fear that when they find out what’s inside of them, they will be abandoned or not be good enough to love them anymore. This is a serious problem that requires treatment, because without it you will not be able to build any honest relationship.

2. People who have been emotionally neglected feel unnecessary and unwanted

Emotional neglect should not be taken lightly, as it is one of the worst things that can happen in childhood. In adulthood, children who are ignored feel unwanted and ignored by others. As a result, they can develop mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and even depression.

Some people may find themselves cold on different levels. Uneducated to show emotion, they feel they can’t do it – and they can’t. They feel numb inside and empty without making much of themselves, they don’t expect anything from others, because they don’t think people like themselves can be loved or loved. This is a serious sign of emotional problems.

3. They can’t trust others

Emotionally neglected people have difficulty revealing their inner selves to another person. They cannot trust or trust anyone because they are afraid of rejection or pain. During childhood, they repeatedly tried to get their parents’ attention, but were rejected or ignored, effectively discouraging them from discovering their feelings.

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It is said that these people are locked in their shells. It is difficult to get them out of it because they are afraid to trust anyone. Only long-term treatment can teach them how to deal with this problem and overcome this loneliness.

If you know that you have such a person around you, do not reject him, but extend a helping hand to him. He may refuse it the first time, but may cautiously ask for help later. It is also worth refraining from recklessly judging others, calling them introverts, gray rats or uncaring and self-sufficient people. We never know who has a story in it and if it is difficult or worsened by any chance. Let’s try to be careful about others, because thanks to this we can do a lot of good.

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