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Are you witnessing an accident? The application will provide instructions on how to help victims – Zdrowie Wprost

Are you witnessing an accident?  The application will provide instructions on how to help victims - Zdrowie Wprost

It is a free app for mojeIKP patients and the service reminds us of this special On the main page of the mojeIKP application, you will find the entrance to the “First Aid” tab. You can login without logging in. Click: Provide first aid. Determine the victim’s condition (whether conscious or breathing) and do as the app recommends.

How do you help the injured in an accident?

Before you begin providing medical care, assess the situation. Determine the number of patients and their condition. Remember that in the event of a traffic accident, the possibility of a back injury should always be suspected. Your help should not make the victim’s situation worse.

If someone is on the road or near a damaged vehicle that might catch on fire, evacuate them. You can use the so-called Rautek fist: in the application you will find a description of how to move someone safely, without risksspinal injuryand neck when the casualty is lying down or in the car. Do not take off the motorcycle helmet unless the victim is not breathing, vomiting or has fainted, in which case one person must support the victim’s neck and the other must carefully remove the helmet. First, you help more wounded people.

What can mojeIKP app do?

If someone is next to you, grab their phone, ask them to read what to do, and keep doing it. Don’t worry about your phone sleeping. When you start showing first aid, the phone will remain with the screen on, that is, it will not turn off by itself according to the system settings.

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You can find the emergency service number on the main page of the mojeIKP application in the tab “Important numbers”. In the application you will find informationHow do you talk to the sender?What he will ask you about the information that should be given to him.

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