October 18, 2021

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Argentina approaches 65,000 deaths over 3 million cases of Govt-19 | The world

A Argentina Reached 3 million cases Govit-19 This Sunday (2). According to official figures from the country’s health ministry, there are exactly 3,005,259 infections and 64,252 deaths from the disease.

In the last 24 hours, 11,394 infections and 156 deaths from the corona virus have been reported. The country is going through a second epidemic, The government is tightening isolation measures – Until May 21st Rotation is prohibited from 8pm to 6am, Except essential workers.

In addition, the country is maintained by the Ministry of Health Limitations on face-to-face teaching For at least three more weeks. Theaters, cinemas, gyms, casinos, dance halls and large shopping centers are also closed.

With a population of about 45 million, the Argentine government has provided 15.6% of the population with at least a single dose of 9.8 million, of which 8 million are already used.

Thursday (29), The government froze the price of medical oxygen for 90 days And guided manufacturers in the country to prioritize the health system as corona virus cases are on the rise.

“All liquid oxygen manufacturers are forced to allocate products to the health sector”, which determined the decision of the Ministry of Health published in the official gazette.

Argentina should avoid a kind Crisis facing India, IT companies have created “battle rooms” to provide oxygen, medicine and hospital beds. Brazil suffered from a lack of oxygen at the beginning of the year The collapse of the health system in Manas.

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