October 21, 2021

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Art and Science at the Yaroslav Gallery as part of the 4th International Art and Science Project "Sztuka Powstania Życia"

Art and Science at the Yaroslav Gallery as part of the 4th International Art and Science Project “Sztuka Powstania Życia”

4th Art & Science “Sztuka Powstania Życia / Art of Origin of Life” is a major international project that brings together the worlds of art and science. The opening of the exhibition in Yaroslav was attended by invited special guests: creators, curators, students, artists and residents of Yaroslav. Project and exhibition coordinated by Bernadetta Kurzyuska.

Fourth Art and Science Project “Sztuka Powstania Życia / Art of Origin of Life” It is a space for the influence of creative circles in the field of science and the arts. Refers to the aesthetics of the basic biological phenomena accompanying the emergence of life. The goal is to advance contemporary art and science, confront artistic attitudes and strategies, and disseminate knowledge about the biological sciences.

This is an international project that has been running since 2017. This is already the fourth edition. Yaroslav is one of the stops, the exhibition was previously held in Rzeszow, then it will go to Hungary. The choice of the city is based on collaborations with artists. For residents of Yaroslaw and for art lovers, this is another thing, because the exhibition offers different ways of presenting how the artist and the scientist think about how life arose. You can move to another dimension.

The godparents for this project are: the professor. Doctor Hebb. Adam Szewczyk From the Institute of Experimental Biology Marceli Nencki of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw and the professor. Doctor Hebb. Marek Olzinski From the Faculty of Art of the University of Rzeszow.

a. Doctor Hebb. Opening the exhibition, Adam Ziewicz spoke about how the idea came about and why:

The idea was born four years ago in Podkarpacie. We often ask ourselves: Why do we do this? I think there are three things scientists and artists have in common. First, the curiosity of the world, secondly, creativity, and thirdly, freedom of expression, research and artistic creativity. These three things are the common feature that allows us to come together. Interacting with art enhances creativity

– said the professor. Adam Szewczyk.

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Why was the exhibition opened in Yaroslav?

– My artistic roots are from Yaroslav, which is why I wanted to hold an exhibition in this city. I am grateful for this opportunity

– said the professor. Doctor Hebb. Marek Olzinsky.

The main art and science exhibition “The Art of Creating Life” is accompanied by the exhibition “BIO ART” attended by students and graduates of the Institute of Fine Arts at the University of Rzeszow, under the auspices of Student Art. Science Club “Together”. Students were invited to organize a competition for the exhibition.

73 participants participated in the competition. 12 participants were honored, including 13 works, and they will participate in external exhibitions. This year, the Art and Science Fair curators invited students to collaborate for the first time. The students’ works gave a new, more interesting dimension to the exhibition.

From June 5-30, the exhibition will be open to all visitors. The gallery is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Due to epidemiological reasons, there is a maximum of 5 people per room.

Exhibitions are located in three galleries in Yaroslav:

  • Main exhibition u Attavantich – Art & Science “Sztuka Powstania Życia / Art of Origin of Life”
  • Rynek Exhibition 6 of the Jarosław Cultural and Art Center – “BIO ART”, exhibition accompanying the fourth edition of the art and science project “The Art of Living”
  • Exhibition in the lobby at Attavantich – continuation of the exhibition “BIO ART”

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