September 21, 2021

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"Rosyjska propaganda wykorzystuje sytuację w Afganistanie, by uderzać w wiarygodność USA oraz gwarancji sojuszniczych NATO" - zwrócił uwagę rzecznik ministra koordynatora służb specjalnych Stanisław Żaryn.

Aryn: Russian propaganda uses Afghanistan to attack US

“Russia’s campaign is taking advantage of the situation in Afghanistan and undermining US credibility and NATO-friendly guarantees,” said Stanislav Aryan, a spokesman for the Minister for Special Services Coordinator.

Jarin tweeted Saturday that the “military expert”‘s opinion is that the US guarantees are unreliable in the Russian misinformation.

“This release is triggered by another series of products that prove the superiority of Russian tanks over Abrams tanks that Poland buys from the United States. In this case, the ‘Russian expert’ argues that Poland ‘makes the same mistake as Afghanistan,” the government spokesman said.

“The commentator says that the cooperation between Poland and the United States will end ‘just like in Afghanistan’, that is, with the American plane,” he said.

Another commentator, Aryan, pointed out that selling American tanks to Poland was “similar to what the US did to the Afghan army.”

“Afghanistan’s experiences’ US aid has adverse effects,” the text said.

In his view, the situation in Afghanistan should be expected to be exploited by Russia for a long time in order to undermine NATO’s credibility.

“The Kremlin will particularly attack military cooperation between Poland and the United States,” said a spokesman for the secret services’ co-ordinator.

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When the United States withdrew most of its forces from Afghanistan, the Taliban occupied most of the country. On Sunday, they entered the country’s capital, Kabul, and took control of the presidential palace.

U.S. forces had to halt all evacuations on Monday, following the capture of Kabul airport by thousands of people seeking to leave the Afghan capital, which was captured by the Taliban on Sunday. The runway and armor are now crowded, and flights resumed Tuesday morning.