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As a child, Jagoda felt accepted. Today she loves her body and supports other women

As a child, Jagoda felt accepted.  Today she loves her body and supports other women

Justyna Sokołowska: Jagodo, you studied law, you are an active professional – you were the owner of an online clothing store, collaborated with many brands, but in fact, plus-size modeling stole your heart. When was this passion born in you?

Berry Co: That was about three years ago when she was the first BirthImmediately, I posted my photo which was very positively received. Women wrote to me that they thank me for proving that you can dress elegantly in any size. They write that they are tired of the stereotype that only baggy clothes and old grandma styles are worn in plus sizes. It disappointed and showed that a woman like me can also look great and go with the trends. Because trends do not depend on what size you are. This was what prompted me to act, after which my doubts and hesitations completely passed and I began to act.

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He asks you to ask why this hasn’t happened before? What caused this momentary lack of self-confidence?

Before I got pregnant for the first time, I lost a lot, up to 69 kg. But then there was the yo-yo effect and the kilograms started coming back. Then I was overwhelmed with inner anxiety, that people would say that I lost a lot of weight and that those kilograms came back again. So, earlier on my Instagram profile you couldn’t see my photos, sooner my son’s photos. Even today, I still hear a lot: You wouldn’t tell me you weighed 69kg, you didn’t feel better then. Or: Why did you lose so much weight then, if you accept yourself. So I keep making it clear that accepting your body doesn’t rule out a desire to change your appearance. The fact that we love ourselves and our body does not mean that we do not want to lose weight, for example health. Did you feel better at that time? I think I felt the same way, because kilograms don’t really matter when you feel better mentally.

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And what kind of girl were you, if you were as confident and self-confident as you are now?

I loved being the center of attention, brave, full of energy, and was always on stage at school. But most of all, my self-esteem was affected mainly by the fact that when I was a kid, I never heard from anyone: Hey, you fat man. I’ve always felt accepted and that’s why I never had a problem with my appearance. Even when my body had a huge rash of skin lesions caused by psoriasis, which I have had since the age of eight. Yes, it was not comfortable for me, but in return I was not ashamed of it and was not completely covered with a veil. I didn’t hide under my clothes, or behind long sleeves or pants. It is true that when someone asks what is wrong with me, for peace of mind, I will answer: Allergy, but only because people at that time were not aware of psoriasis and thought it was contagious. Today it is different and awareness of psoriasis is much greater.

When you look at your photos, it is easy to see that you are playing with fashion, it gives you a lot of joy, and your husband supports you in this passion.

This is correct. It is he who takes my photos, interestingly, not with a professional camera, but with a regular smartphone, and I think that is why people like my profile. I want to make it clear that if something is normal and normal, it can also be fun and you don’t have to do fancy things and a big session for a lot of money. Fashion is fun, so let’s have fun! Besides, I’ve always loved taking pictures and standing on either side of the lens and today I really enjoy doing it.

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However, it still happens that some people do not like it and, as I mentioned, send you unpleasant messages. How do you interact with them?

I’ve had one time in my life when news of this kind made me cry. That was when my husband and I bragged that we were expecting a second child. Then a great hatred fell on me. I read that I was irresponsible, and I could get carried away with an appearance like that. He wrote that I am not only hurting myself, but also my child. There was so much terrible news that made me very sad. Under my heart I had the child I dreamed of, and in the meantime many unpleasant words flew over me. But today I do not allow anyone to come upon my head and destroy all that I work for and build with their evil word. I don’t even get into any discussions, I just isolate myself from them.

Not only that, you support other plus-size women with your confidence, smile, and nature.

You know, it’s sad when they write to me that they hear offensive words about appearance from family, friends, and even their partners. My heart breaks. Someone said she once left the house black, appropriate dress and met her friend’s mother. That’s when I heard from her that she looked good, probably because she was overweight or pregnant. The girl cried, replied that she was not pregnant because she had just lost her second child. It’s terrible that even close people can comment on someone’s character without thinking and cause pain to girls like me. for you children I explain that it does not matter if a person is fat, thin, red, has a different skin tone, directionAbout looking whether he is wearing glasses. It doesn’t make him a worse person, it doesn’t really matter. Everyone should be respected, because everyone has the same rights, and the value of the human being is in his heart and head.

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It’s a nice prop for our conversation. thanks to her.

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