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As far as Pittsburgh is concerned, Germany is America’s main place in Europe

As far as Pittsburgh is concerned, Germany is America's main place in Europe

Not wanting to escalate the conflict with Germany over the gas pipeline, the United States decided not to impose sanctions on the companies that make it. This was confirmed by the Joe Biden administration.

In turn, it appeared on social media on Wednesday Record of the President of the United States He told a Polish radio reporter at the White House that imposing sanctions on German companies would harm US relations with Europe. “Besides, it’s not like I’m allowed Germans or not,” Biden explained.

Biden returns to pre-Trump practice

The professor commented on the policy of the US President in the field of Central Europe. Romwald Ceremiev, who has long been at risk of not following a particularly positive attitude towards the Democratic representative in Poland.

The former national defense minister recalled the general order of politics in the international arena. – You cannot base the issue of national security on factors beyond our control. The United States and its president are independent of us. We have no influence and cannot be made to behave in one way or another. They are behaving in our interest – said the expert.

Sheremtyev referred to the presidency of the former head of state of the United States. President Trump, however, saw the sense and importance of cooperation with Poland and the maintenance of NATO’s influence in Central Europe. Biden goes back to the previous practice, which is that the United States in Europe is supported by Germany. So the front in front of the Germans is not big – he explained.

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– So, the most dangerous question arises – what does this mean for our security – said Romalt Ceremonial, Poland should develop a security strategy. Moreover, Poland, like the Middle Ages, was a barrier to Moscow.

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