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Asphalt smells flowers on Polish roads? Polish companies produced a mixture of perfumes

Asphalt smells flowers on Polish roads?  Polish companies produced a mixture of perfumes

Road bitumen 35/50 with low odor intensity is created on the basis of a technology developed by lotus Asphalt during the implementation of industrial asphalt PS 95/35 S.

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Are we building roads in Poland that are more expensive than in Europe? GDDKiA spokesperson replies

Our company cares about the natural environment and the comfort of employees, and has successfully implemented the sustainable development policy for many years by producing, implementing and promoting innovative environmental products for road construction. We evaluated the new product based on our experience with asphalt PS 95/35 S. The additives used in asphalt with low odor intensity are a mixture of natural and synthetic essential oils and have a pleasant floral scent.

– says Cesari Godziuk, Chairman of the Board of Directors of LOTOS Asfalt, citing the press release.

Asphalt was poured into the forest. “The garbage catalog we’ve never seen ends.”

How does scented asphalt work?

As we read in the information, the compounds in the supplement used work in two ways. Most of the active compounds act as odor neutralizers and react with the odor-generating substances present in asphalt fumes, thus reducing their volatility (movement). The remaining compounds produce a characteristic odor that differs from typical petroleum asphalt. After using an appropriate proportion of active agents, the concentration of odorous compounds in asphalt fumes used at technological temperatures in road construction is reduced – added.

Transporting tanks is a heavy burden on the road.  Each weighs 50-60 tons.  Together with the conveyor, it can be about one hundred tonsInstead of modernizing the army it will be on the asphalt

It was also reported that the first tests of the odorless asphalt mixture were promising.

Budimex is considering offering such a solution on a larger scale. We intend to enrich our offer of asphalt mixtures with this product

— says Ewelina Karp-Kręglicka, director offices Procurement, Quality and Environmental Protection at Budimex.

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