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Attack on a student in front of a school in Ostruka. Przemysław Czarnek: aggression as a result of unlimited access to the Internet

Attack on a student in front of a school in Ostruka.  Przemysław Czarnek: aggression as a result of unlimited access to the Internet

The accident in Ostruka occurred during a break in front of the building of the vocational school complex in Ostruka. Once a student attacked his friend who fell unconscious after one of the hits.

He was taken to hospital. Fortunately, he was not seriously injured and on the same day got out of the house.

Przemyslav Ksarnik, Minister of Science and Education, was asked about the accident from Ostruka in the “Guest of Events”. The problem of aggression in schools is not from today. However, it was certainly exacerbated by the situation we have seen in recent months, such as distance learning, isolation of children and adolescents at home and unlimited access to content on the Internet – the minister said.

– I’m talking about brutal content, i.e. aggressive, that teaches this aggression or incites aggressive behavior – he added.

– All parents know that while we can control our children, when there is a regular full-time school, in remote learning, students have been in front of the computer all the time, such control was impossible – he explained.

As Czarnik emphasized, “Isolation itself also has a negative effect on children.” – That is why I tried so hard to return to normal life last year – he said.

Asked by the head of the programme, Bogdan Rimanovsky, if he could guarantee that distance learning would not return, the minister said, “He can only announce that there are no plans for distance learning in the coming months.”

We do not expect a systematic shift to distance learning or blended learning in the coming months. He said we would be in full-time education, and we would be educated in our schools. He added that there may be situations when the school switches to distance learning, but these will be exceptions.

– However, I cannot predict what will happen in six months, in a year. He stressed that it all depends on the efficiency of the health service.

He also indicated that the Ministry of Science has prepared a number of solutions, including the national program to support students in the post-pandemic stage.

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