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Attacks on Catholic property are on the rise

Attacks on Catholic property are on the rise

The Catholic Vote has sent an open letter to US Attorney General Merrick Carland urging him to take action as acts of aggression against Catholic symbols and places of worship increase. As of May 2020, the Catholic Episcopal Conference has documented at least 114 acts of vandalism.

Catholics are demanding the action of the Attorney General

“We urge the judiciary to investigate these allegations and take appropriate action. Last year, we saw, among other things, in California, monuments to Juniper Serra’s father were overthrown in protest of what activists call “slavery” to Native Americans. It is the image of the Holy Evangelist of California, and it has not been historically proven that he was hostile or unjust to the Indians.

Brian Burch, leader of the Catholic Vote, says he “seems to have been particularly incensed by the hostility towards Catholics.” In some cases, acts of vandalism are accompanied by a specific ideological declaration of their perpetrators, such as the demolition of churches. In a kind of “retaliation” of abortionists For enacting the Conceived Life Preservation Act in Texas.

Biden’s government protects minorities and forgets most believers

In a letter to the Attorney General, Burch recalled, “Under Sections 247 § 247 of the United States Code, it is the Attorney General’s duty to investigate and prosecute those who cause damage or involvement in religious property, preventing people from freely practicing their beliefs.

The organization, which works for the political activism of Catholics, points to inequalities in law enforcement under the administration of “Catholic” leader Joe Biden. “The judiciary has said it will continue to pursue crimes against protected American groups, including those based on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and descent.

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