October 19, 2021

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Auchan offers courier and mail services.  The chain will open stores on Sunday

Auchan offers courier and mail services. The chain will open stores on Sunday

As part of the new amenities, customers of Auchan stores will be able to send or collect packages during the opening hours of stores offering this type of service. The Auchan Network always adheres to the provisions of applicable law and keeps track of the changing needs of modern consumers, for whom time and convenience are counted when shopping and when using other services related to the organization of daily life.

Research conducted by Auchan in the Polish market in May of this year shows that for network customers, practical considerations are important, such as the wide range of products and services available under one roof (87%) and the proximity of the store to home (85%).

The introduction of courier and mail services, as one of the other amenities in the range of services offered by the network, will allow more efficient use of customers’ shopping time and increase their convenience. In connection with the above, the network also plans to open stores on Sundays.

Auchan Retail Polska is a large-scale retail network with French roots, present in Poland since 1996, operating a network of supermarkets on the Polish market under the Auchan brand, supermarkets under the Auchan Supermarket brand, and convenience stores under the Easy Auchan brand. , the neighborhood stores under Moje Auchan, as well as an e-commerce channel. The chain also has franchise stores in the form of a supermarket and hypermarket.

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