June 19, 2021

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Australia: She had no symptoms, she was wearing a mask.  The woman contracted COVID-19

Australia: She had no symptoms, she was wearing a mask. The woman contracted COVID-19

On Sunday, Australian media reported that an employee of a nursing home in Melbourne had contracted COVID-19. The Australian state of Victoria faced a “worst case scenario” related to the pandemic.

The Australian state of Victoria is facing a “worst case scenario” of the coronavirus outbreak after a Melbourne nursing home worker tested positive for COVID-19, Australian media reported on Sunday.

As reported by Australian portal news.com, the infected woman has not shown any symptoms of COVID-19 and has worn a protective mask when handling her charges. “Testing positive for coronavirus in a nursing home is a huge problem for us,” Victoria’s Deputy Minister for Health and Social Services, Jeroen Weimar, told local media. He noted that this was the first case whose origins could not be identified and occurred in “the most vulnerable environment”.

About half of the people at the facility received the first dose of the vaccine, Catherine Bennett of Deakin University said, but it was unclear how many were fully vaccinated. – She indicated that an employee who was unintentionally infected with the Corona virus is the worst possible scenario due to the risk of contracting a serious illness among the residents of this facility.

Health Minister Greg Hunt revealed a week ago that residents of 74 aged care homes had not yet been vaccinated against COVID-19, despite being given priority in Australia’s immunization programme. 15 percent of the residents of these centers were not vaccinated because they did not consent. To date, 4.2 million doses of coronavirus vaccines have been used in Australia.

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