October 18, 2021

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Australian city enters 3-day lockout after 4 cases of local Govt-19 transfer | The world

Metropolitan area of Brisbane, One of the largest cities in Australia With more than 2 million people, coming inside Locking for three days – i.e., total imprisonment in practice – as of this Monday (28).

The move comes after Queensland state officials identified 10 cases Corona virus, 4 of them on local broadcast. The other six cases, confined to the same embryo, were from people infected with the virus outside of Australia.

According to the local government, this is a British variant of SARS-CoV-2, researchers have found evidence More contagious and more dangerous. “What this tells us is that there is more local broadcasting now, and these people have been liberated by the community,” the state’s prime minister, Annastasia Palas, warned.

“We have to do this now to avoid long imprisonment,” the prime minister said.

With this move, residents of Greater Brisbane will be able to leave their homes and go to the market, work when needed, exercise and seek medical help. Only two visitors can enter an apartment at a time. Schools will be open only to the children of essential service personnel.

No deaths since December

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Australia’s borders are currently closed, and only Australian citizens or residents, immediate family members or travelers who have traveled to New Zealand for the previous 14 days can enter the country. All those coming to the country must complete two weeks of isolation.

Cruise ships can enter Australian waters, but passengers and crew cannot land.