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Australian Open 2022: Novak Djokovic again without a visa. Tennis player will appear in the Australian Open 2022?

Australian Open 2022: Novak Djokovic again without a visa.  Tennis player will appear in the Australian Open 2022?

Australian Open from January 17th live on Eurosport and Player

Hook, the Australian immigration minister, justified his decision in the “public interest”.

Not only has Djokovic’s visa been revoked for the second time, he will not be able to apply for another visa for the next three years.

– In making this decision, I carefully considered the information provided to me by the Ministry of the Interior and Mr. Djokovic. The minister said the government is deeply committed to protecting Australia’s borders, particularly in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Djokovic flew in and was arrested

This is a new version of the dispute over a Serbian tennis player in Melbourne.

The nine-time winner and current Australian Open defender’s problems began mid-last week, shortly after his touchdown at Melbourne Airport. Australian border authorities have questioned the tennis player’s visa and special medical exemption, on the basis of which he plans to start the tournament without the vaccination required by organizers and Australian law.

After an overnight hearing, the Serbian tennis player’s visa was revoked. Djokovic’s lawyers immediately appealed against this decision, and he was placed in immigration custody pending an appeal.

On Monday, Judge Anthony Kelly ordered the release of Djokovic and the return of his passport. It found that his detention was “unreasonable” and that the player “was not given sufficient time” to consult with lawyers and explain the circumstances under which he had obtained the medical certificate.

More questions than answers

The court ruling did not end the case of the tennis player. Djokovic began training at Melbourne Park, but almost every day there were new doubts about the tennis player’s behavior before his arrival in Australia.

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Documents submitted to the court showed that the basis for applying for a medical exemption from the obligation to vaccination was a positive COVID-19 test performed on December 16. Meanwhile, there were several traces of Serbian public activity after that date on social media.

watch this

Novak Djokovic's family press conference

Video: Reuters Novak Djokovic’s family press conference

Soon after, it was revealed that the Serb on his residence permits stated that he had not made any further trips in the 14 days prior to his departure to Australia. But in this case, too, traces of tennis activity remained, this time in Spain.

In the end, the tennis test result itself was called into question. German newspaper Der Spiegel published an analysis that showed that the digital versions of Djokovic’s test were inconsistent with the evidence presented in the Australian court. According to one hypothesis, the positive result was added to the IT system on December 26, and not ten days earlier, according to the documents.

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Novak Djokovic trains at Melbourne Stadium

Video: Eurosport Novak Djokovic trains at Melbourne Stadium

The cup of the gallbladder overflowed

The fate of Djokovic at that time was in the hands of Minister Hook. He may at any time exercise his right to cancel the contestant’s visa again. But this time federal officials decided to act with caution so as not to make a mistake again. It was not decided before the draw for the championship bracket on Thursday. The Serbian defender was scheduled to face his compatriot Miomir Kekmanovic (78 players in the league) in the first round.

Apparently, however, the scale of tennis abuse turned out to be so great that it convinced the Australian minister to take appropriate action. The Serbian visa has been canceled again.

He will likely be able to appeal that decision, too. Therefore, it is still unknown when the final decision will be made in this case.

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Great preparations for the Australian Open.  Training of Djokovic, Osaka and Nadal

Video: SNTV Great preparations for the Australian Open. Training of Djokovic, Osaka and Nadal

Author: macz / twis
Source:, Reuters

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