Four Sigmatic: Bogus or Not?

We would like to write a little bit about Four Sigmatic and some of the claims made on their website. Four Sigmatic claims to offer so called ‘superfoods’ which have immeasurable health benefits, and which (according to this company) more people should be eating and drinking (surprise, surprise). Currently their main product is their mushroom […]

Denisova Cave was also inhabited by Homo sapiens, Neanderthals and large predators

Denisova Cave, located in Siberia, became known about ten years ago, when some fossil remains of a new group of hominids, later called Homo Denisova or Denisovani, were discovered. Now a new study by scientists from Flinders University confirms the suspicion that anthropologists previously had that the same cave was inhabited not only by Denisovites, […]