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‘Back to life’ – what do people say after attempting suicide? – Health Wprost

'Back to life' - what do people say after attempting suicide?  - Health Wprost

The Back to Life Project is A series of podcasts with people after their suicide attemptthat are trying to rearrange their world. It was created as part of the Life Worth Talking initiative, designed for people who have experienced suicidal thoughts, have attempted suicide, or have lost someone as a result of suicide. There you can find support and get information on how to properly provide assistance to people in crisis.

“Suicide is the so-called unnecessary death, and its cause is a number of mutually influencing factors. When reporting them, one must remember the unimaginable pain of the relatives who are still alive, and realize that the person who is going through a suicidal crisis, or any Someone trying to support him, he can count on help ”- reminding suicide bombers who have recently appeared in the media with information about deaths on their own.

She came back to life – stories of suicide attempts

You can find all the conversations in the form of podcasts. In them you will hear, among other things, the story of a businessman who was behind three suicide attempts and a conversation with a film producer who grew up in an alcoholic family, and who never believed in himself, which influenced his later problems and choices.

Since the seventh grade, I’ve had thoughts of suicide. For example, I used to say to my friends: If I fail, I will kill myself. We all laughed at it now I can see it was already a sign.

For those interested in the scientific side of the phenomenon of human self-destruction, the tab “Knowledge area” has been prepared where, in addition to scientific evidence and texts, you can conduct interviews with experts.

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Reliable information on suicides

as part of Support and Education Platform Established by the Polish Suicide Association, help will be provided to: People who are experiencing suicidal thoughts, who have attempted suicide or who mourn the death of a loved one as a result of suicide. The site is also intended for those who want to help someone else in a crisis. Therefore, apart from the possibility of writing to a specialist, using the base of free phone calls and places of assistance, there is a lot of practical information on how to help a person in a suicidal crisis or mourning after losing someone as a result. Suicide death.

The Media Group for the Suicide and Depression Prevention Task Force at the Public Health Board of the Ministry of Health is like the 24/7 emergency toll-free numbers:

  • 800 70 22 22 – Support Center for Adults in Crisis
  • 800 12 12 12 – Crisis Psychological Support – Helpline for Children, Adolescents and Caregivers
  • 116111 – Helpline for Children and Youth
  • 112. In the event of an immediate threat to life or health.

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