September 23, 2021

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Baltic tubes are already on the Polish beach

Baltic tubes are already on the Polish beach

The Baltic gas pipeline has reached the Polish coast, according to the announcement by Gaz-System, the operator of the Polish gas transportation system. The gas pipeline was pulled under the shore and a slope near Pogorzelica.

“Gazociąg podmorski Baltic Pipes He made landfall in Poland. The gas pipeline from Castoro Sei was pulled by a steel rope (1,500 m long and 119 mm in diameter), which was pulled from the shore by a crane. In the coastal zone, the gas pipeline was towed into a trench with a depth of 800 meters and 2 meters prepared in advance. Under the shore and cliff, a tunnel was dug about 2 meters in diameter and about 600 meters long. Thanks to the use of micro-tunneling technology, the gas pipeline has been laid under the shore and cliff, ensuring no visual interference with the coastline and the surrounding areas of the investment on the ground” – announced on Twitter Gaz -System.

After the two ends of a portion of the gas pipeline drawn to the Polish shore are welded together, only the portion will be built off the Danish coast of Denmark, along with the offshore one. Gas system is also responsible for this part of the construction. As confirmed by Tomas Stobic, President of Gaz-System, all works for which the Polish side is responsible will be closed by the end of the year.