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Barbara Cordage-Demon from M Like Love has vanished, and now she’s talking about scandal and hideous treatment. Joasia will never return to the series

Author: MTL Max Film
Barbara Cordage-Demon from M Like Love has vanished, and now she’s talking about scandal and hideous treatment. Joasia will never return to the series

Joasia Chodakowska will no longer appear in “M jak miłość”, and now Barbra Kurdej-Satan talks about the scandal and the nightmare she went through regarding the social and political scandal caused by her words, but not only. The actress battles gossip and terrible comments on a daily basis. Unfortunately, she lost a lot, including her role in “M jak miłość”, and now it’s open to the public. Cordage – Satan does not hide his disgust at the offensive words he sees, not even pretending otherwise. The actress talks about the cases she faced in order to get rid of the hatred she touched. Surprisingly, he adopts an unusual way of fighting against unfavorable people and tells us more about his professional situation.

Joasia from “M jak miłość” won’t be returning to the series, and Barbara Cordij-Szatan reveals what she has to face

Barbara Kordj Szatan was fired from ‘M jak miłość’ and is now slowly opening up about the nightmare story, through which she went and spoke about the scandal that provoked her words about the social and political situation in Poland. The actress participated in a live broadcast of the portal, where she mainly appeared to tell about her latest book, which (it is impossible to hide) appeared on sale at a rather bad time for Barbara. Kordj the devil disappeared from “M jak miłość”, but also from the media in general, because she wanted to avoid “closing up” more news and comments. As for the latter, Barbara Kordig-Szatan, even during the live broadcast of the site, noticed unrepeated words that she referred to in an unusual way.

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– (…) I don’t care about you at all. I hope that you also take care of, for example, the development of your children and in general, take care of yourself and I wish you all the best. really – The actress responds to the words that she did not seem to like.

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In this way, the actress known for the role of Joasia from “M jak miłość” (and not only) has indicated how she is fighting against hate and unsupportive people. And the journalist Plegada asked the actress how to deal with the whole situation, which is not easy and pleasant for a woman to talk about.

– (…) I have gone through various stages of my states, from the beginning of anger and despair, to some confusion, through fear, again through anger. Those people you see all the time, we have people writing these things… – The actress paid attention to the comments that appeared during the session, which she did not like very much.

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It is undeniable that Joasia’s disappearance from “M jak miłość” caused quite a stir among the audience. Chodakowska was one of the most famous and recently returned to Warsaw, after a long absence, due to her stay in France. In private, the actress took care of the child at that time, but did not give up the role and returned to “M jak miłość”. Because of the scandal, she did not play for a long time, because the fate of Joasia in the series ended recently. Chodakowska and Leszek (Sławek Uniatowski) got engaged and left. It is unlikely that the actress will appear in the movie “M jak miłość”, but Kordj-Demon assures that despite losing contracts and roles, she is not giving up. You will continue to work and surprise fans.

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Barbara Kurdej-Satan for the last time in M ​​jak miłość. Joasia will leave in love with Leszek and finally happy!

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