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Barbara Cordage the Devil, after being kicked out of M Like Love, broke the silence! Even the production of the series was not known about the decision of the president of TVP

Barbara Cordage the Devil, after being kicked out of M Like Love, broke the silence!  Even the production of the series was not known about the decision of the president of TVP

Author: MTL Maxfilm
Barbara Cordage the Devil, after being kicked out of M Like Love, broke the silence! Even the production of the series was not known about the decision of the president of TVP

Barbara Kordig-Demon is no longer the star of “M jak miłość”! Two weeks after the release of the actress from the TVP series, President Jacek Kurski gave an interview in which she first told about the scenes of her firing of “M jak miłość”. It turned out that the production had nothing to do with the decision of the head of TVP! So much so that she didn’t even have time to call the Devil’s Craig for a conversation to end cooperation with her. Sad and sad, Cordy Demon has in touching words confessed the whole truth about leaving Em Jack Mew. It was a huge shock to her, because she hadn’t expected it at all.

Barbara Kordj-Szatan comments on the release of “M jak miłość” for the first time! Production did not know about this

Barbara Cordij Szatan’s interview with Magda Moshek on YouTube on “In My Style” is the first conversation, and the actress’s first comment after her expulsion from the series “M jak miłość”. It was TVP President Jacek Kurski who made this decision on November 9, 2021 and announced it on Twitter. He explained that the actress will appear for the last time in the series “M jak miłość” in episode 1619, which will be broadcast in Dwójce on Monday, 6.12.2021. Of course, it is about the entry of Kurdej-Satan on Instagram after watching a shocking video from the Polish-Belarus border of how border guards treat migrants – women and children.

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Barbara Kordj Szatan has been silent for a long time about the exemption from “M jak miłość”. The production of the series did not make any official statement in this regard. Even to inform viewers that her heroine, Joasia Chodakowska, will abruptly leave and in episode 1619 “M jak miłość” will no longer appear on screen. In an interview with Magda Mołek who was the star of “M jak miłość”, which showed how vulnerable she was to the whole situation, she openly admitted that she lost her job in “M jak miłość” not because of her playing style, but for her political views.

This is what it looks like. How do I know? I know just like you… It seems so, it should be obvious…. – said Qarjij the Devil in her sad voice.

In our gallery you will see photos of the last scenes of a Kurdi-Demon in “M jak miłość” >>>

Barbara Kurdej-Satan for the last time in M ​​jak miłość. Joasia will leave in love with Leszek and finally happy!

In the interview about her firing from “M jak miłość”, Barbara Cordij-Szatan also revealed behind the scenes of what happened. She defended the production of the series, who was always on her side and wanted Joasia Chodakowska to stay as long as possible. She never spoke to the creators of “M jak miłość” about the fact that she will be missed in the new episodes of the series. Nobody had anything to complain about.

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– No, I didn’t have any conversation because the production itself was surprised by this situation, so I didn’t have any conversation before. I found out … Exactly, because it was the day I issued a very definitive statement, because I wanted to point out the fact that my statement is about a specific video, and not the entire border guard, the Polish army and everyone in uniform. This was the day I wrote my statement in the morning, but I’ve been so tempted in situations where I write something and it can be received in different ways, I decided this time to consult this statement with a friend who works for a particular company to see if there are some words that don’t She should fall, no curses anymore, but I just preferred to consult her with someone …. – Former “M jak miłość” star confessed.

Kurdi Szatan also added that she found out about the fact that she would not be playing “M jak miłość” from the internet shortly after President Korski announced his decision on Twitter.

I finished the show on the 6th floor stage at 10pm, I left and wanted to post it, surprised on the internet by my class. I didn’t know what to do now. Whether you want to post this statement of yours and add any comment to this exemption from me, not respond to it, or not post anything at all. In the end, I decided that I wouldn’t quite refer to Mr. Korsky’s dismissal from the show. I did what I planned – I made my statement. Unfortunately, this was later carried over to the point where she responded to the release from the show with an apology and a statement. It didn’t matter at all… it didn’t apply to each otherQ – Cordy added Satan.

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You can watch the full interview of Barbara Cordage the Devil with Magda Moshek Totag >>>

This is a statement by Barbara Korda-Devil after a controversial entry about border guards >>>

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