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Barbara Cordig Devil’s house destroyed by storm! Star M like love showed scary scenes – video

Barbara Cordig Devil's house destroyed by storm!  Star M like love showed scary scenes - video

Author: Instagram
Barbara Cordig Devil’s house destroyed by storm! Star M like love showed scary scenes – video

The “M jak miłość” star stood face to face with the element that was wreaking havoc before her eyes! Barbara Kordig-Szatan has reported the massive devastation caused by the massive storm in front of her home near Warsaw! Although Joasia’s series “MJ jak miłość” tried to stay calm, you can see that she was terrified by a strong storm. The actress, who is carrying her 9-month-old son Hino, couldn’t do anything to keep stylish furniture and accessories on her balcony. Watch the scary video from Kurdej-Satan’s Instagram.

The house of the star “M jak miłość” was flooded and destroyed by a storm

Barbara Cordig demon presented the terrifying scenes that occur in her home! The usually smiling actress watches with great concern the raging storm that literally destroys her balcony. The woman hiding in the house shows how the rain overflows on her veranda, and the hammock hanging there hardly blows under the influence of the wind.

– That’s beautiful… How are you? “M jak miłość” says the star, who’s trying to stay calm, but you can see the nerves on her face. No wonder, because he holds his beloved son Hinyu in his arms.

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Barbara Cordig Devil’s house destroyed by storm! Star M like love showed scary scenes – video

Interestingly, serial Joasia has recently had problems with accommodation. When Chudakovska returned to Poland last season, she had nowhere to stay. Kamel and Paula occupied her home (Hanna Nowosielska) and she couldn’t get rid of them. She even thought of renting a hotel, but in the end it was Mishaw (Bowie DeLeg) who helped her and she stayed with him. Now the “M jak miłość” star has problems with his house in real life!

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Not only is Joasia from “M jak miłość” having problems regarding the ferocious storms that have gripped Poland. Also, for example, Katarzyna Cichopek recently showed how difficult conditions prevailed on the “M jak miłość” group. In the house on Deszczowa Street, it all seemed as if Armageddon was about to pass. Fortunately, Basia Kurdej-Satan and her son are safe, and the flooded balcony can be arranged when the storm stops.

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