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Barbara Kordig-Szatan revealed how much she earned at the Pozna Theatre. “The trains were paying the most money”

Barbara Kordig-Szatan revealed how much she earned at the Pozna Theatre.  "The trains were paying the most money"

Before becoming a famous actress, she received one thousand two hundred zlotys from the base plus one hundred zlotys for each performance.

Barbara Kurdej-Szatan gained fame thanks to Play Advertising, playing the role of a seller for this brand in an unconventional way and selling Play Network products and services together with an advertising partner. She proved to be a cute blonde who encouraged famous actors to shop. Today she is a well-known actress, mainly from the series “M-jak miłość” or “In the Rhythm of the Heart”. He also plays on stage. She honed her talent in the theater, and here it all began at the end of her studies. According to, the beginnings of Barbara Kurdej-Satan’s acting career were very tough when it comes to earnings. She led a nomadic lifestyle and also played on the stage of the Pozna Theater.

When I lived in Poznan, I only had the same amount of money that I played in plays. A thousand or a thousand and two hundred – that was the basis. I received the rest of the rewards for the offers I made. I was getting one hundred zlotys for one show, two hundred and twenty zlotys for the main role – provided. The actress made no secret that these earnings were barely enough for tickets and apartment fees – I used to pay for the room I rented in Warsaw for trains … I think I had the most money for trains, and I traveled all over Poland, not only to Warsaw and Pozna, but also to Opole, to Kraków, where I finished my studies, sometimes to Gdynia – published the actress’s statement.

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Today, the earnings of a famous actress look much better than at the beginning of her career, according to – Participation in the Polsat show is a huge challenge for the actress, but also a great opportunity to have fun. And by the way, you will make a good profit. According to “Super Express”, one episode of Kurdej-Satan will receive 10,000. zlotys. For the entire season, “Your face looks familiar,” the star will earn 100,000. zlotys.

After Barbara Kurdej-Satan’s controversial post on social media, in which she bluntly referred to soldiers guarding the Polish-Belarusian border, the actress lost her role in “M-jak miłość”, but other productions did not shy away from it. she has. The media even speculated that the star did not earn as much money on the TVP series as on the Polsat group – For comparison, the actress collected 9000 for one shooting day on the set of the Polsat series “In the Rhythm of the Heart”. zloty. It is not known if she can count on a similar production rate of TVP “M jak miłość” – given by

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