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Barbara Kurdej-Szatan surprisingly about Zdrójkowski and Gąsiewska

Barbara Kurdej-Szatan surprisingly about Zdrójkowski and Gąsiewska

Adam Zdrójkowski I And Victoria Josefska They met on the set of “” and were a couple for three years.

Currently, however After their relationship, only a memory remains And … a small scandal.

Wiktoria Gąsiewska was caught having an affair with a dancerand Adam Zdrójkowski gave the impression that he did not know that his current lover was having an intimate relationship with another man.

He did not hide that he was very sorry. Didn’t take it well at firstAlthough it should already be over.

Barbara Cordage the Devilwhich he encourages not only on a professional level but also on a private one, He thinks they’ll get back together someday.

The actress appears with Adam Zdrójkowski on the program Your face looks familiarwho is heading to the final.

You believe it too Zdrójkowski and Gąsiewska Will they give each other a second chance?

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