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Barbara Kurdej-Szatan with Magda Mołek about the release from TVP

Jastrząb Post

Barbara Cordig Szatan comments on the events that occurred after the publication of an article on the border guards. She revealed how she was treated by TVP when her contract was terminated in 2019. Tears shed.

NS Barbara Cordage the Devil She became rowdy after she posted a video on Instagram of border guards grappling with migrants. Angry at the situation on the Polish-Belarusian border, he gave way to the feelings swirling in it. In an entry full of profanity, she summarized the officers’ actions.

Core ***!!!!!!!!!!! Core *** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What’s going on !!!!!!!! This is *** “border guard” ????? “guard” ?????????? These are machines without a heart without a brain and nothing!!!! Machines follow orders blindly!!!!! the curse *** !!!!!! How could it be !!!!!!! My heart hurts, my whole chest is trembling and roaring!!!!!! the killers !!!!! Do you still want a government like this?????? Who would allow such things to even commands behave like this????????? the curse *** !!!!!!!! – I wrote.

And soon the publication spread in the media, and the star was subjected to a huge wave of criticism. Despite her apology, fans won’t be able to forget her for long. In an interview with a journalist big shape I admit it If you can go back in time, it will make the video available againBut this time she will choose her words more carefully.

… I would like to write the same thing, but in more in-depth terms. Then I came home shivering, I took care of my children, and I think of these children: cold, crying, defending their mother lying on the floor … And the Internet has already started. On Insta, I was flooded with a wave of disgusting entries, threats from fake accounts… […] – She confessed.

The star is talking more and more boldly about how her life has changed after the unfortunate publication. This time I got into an honest conversation with the ex-star Good morning TVN.

Basia Kurdej-Satan from Magda Mołek spoke about how she was treated by TVP

When feelings calmed down a little, Basya decided to comment on the recent events. A lot of the media didn’t let her explain herself, but she gladly did it Magda Moshek. At the beginning of the conversation I asked where the star came from m like love He has a lot of sympathy. She admitted that she was raised this way.

She said: I have always been the one who wanted everyone to be reconciled with herself, and to reconcile the whole world.

Once again, the actress admitted that she did not regret that a few days ago she published an entry on the Internet in which she let her emotions flow. She added that this was another life lesson she had learned and that she had to learn from. She described the feelings she had while writing the aforementioned text.

On the one hand, it taught me to weigh the words and put them into other words, but on the other hand, I put them into words like after watching this 3 minute video where women and children are treated this way […]. I was in such a situation. Internally, I was so torn and affected, I felt excruciating pain and anger at the same time. I was on my way home to my children. I wrote this post in this case – she said Magda Moshek.

At first glance, it was clear that the scandal had left its mark on Basia’s psyche. Until recently, the star was bursting with energy, and a smile never left her mouth. This time there was a sad look in her eyes because the whole situation had a profound effect on her parents as well. She added that despite the hatred, she could still count on the support of her relatives.

I received so much support that I was so moved by the fact that so many people wanted to write to me at all.

During the conversation, emotions were at their peak. Although the demon cord had been holding back a lot from the start, she burst into tears upon seeing. Moments later, I told how I was treated Polish TV. It turned out that she learned about the dismissal from the media.

[…] The production itself was taken aback by this situation, so I’ve never had a conversation before. That was the day I had already written my statement in the morning […]. I finished the show at 10pm, wanted to publish it, and was surprised on the internet by my class. I didn’t know what to do now. Whether you want to post this statement of yours, add any comment to this exemption from me, not respond to it, or not post anything at all. In the end, I decided that I would not fully refer to this chapter by Mr. Korsky.

The star explained it TVP He had been giving her signals for a long time that she could fly at any moment. She admitted that she received several offers from producers associated with the station, but not all of them were able to persuade the authorities to put her in the title role.

They wanted to remove me from managing the “Dance, Dance, Dance” program, but the production was fatal. I received this information all the time. Later, when I was driving, it was a bad dress, something was wrong here and it was coming off the top, although the production had nothing to do with me – she added.

Basya added that her main source of income at present is theater salaries.

She said I work in the theater, so I did.

You can watch the full interview below.

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