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Barcelona Revolution. It’s hard to accept Pika Nona players

Barcelona Revolution.  It's hard to accept Pika Nona players

F.C.B He still had huge problems, not only financially, but perhaps above all in terms of sports. The team led by Ronald Koeman recently fell into a state of increasing apathy with each subsequent match, which eventually led to the Dutchman being fired from the coaching position. At this point, club president Joan Laporta had no choice but to make a move that had been talked about for a long time. So he brought Xavi Hernandez from Qatar straight to the bench.

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Xavi Hernandez is close to debuting in a new role. Will he succeed in improving the status of FC Barcelona?

Is that cure Sooner or later he will return to Barcelona, ​​​​he has been known for a long time. The only question was when that would happen. However, perhaps, even he himself did not expect it to happen so quickly. Last week he was introduced as the new coach anyway F.C.B And I started cleaning up the club.

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With the start of work by the Spaniard, information began to appear in the media about the cleaning operations that were to be carried out mainly in the medical staff of the team. In addition, there have been reports about rules in the team that are difficult to accept by footballers, regarding the use of phones or being late for training and meetings.. But it was clear that the atmosphere in the team was good, and there were videos on their network cure He actively participates in training with his pupils.

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The new director of FC Barcelona was also greatly affected Joanna Laporto I convinced him Transfer From his former teammate Dani Alves. The Brazilian gave his performance at the Camp Nou in 2008-2016, but the club’s president was not particularly convinced of the move. After all, the defender is 38 years old and behind him is the best period of his career, but he has agreed to play almost for free.

Thanks to the national hiatus, Xavi Hernandez has had more time to work with the team and introduce his own rules at the club. However, it was time for the most important test, namely, the debut as coach of FC Barcelona. It will happen next Saturday, November 20, not just any match. On this day in Camp Nou, the derby match with Espanyol will take place in round 14 the league. Under normal circumstances most likely Barcelona She will be the favorite in this game, but the situation in the table shows something else. Spanish It is true that the two places are lower (11th place), but both teams have the same score (17 points).

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Where and when do we watch Xavi’s first appearance as Barcelona coach?

Xavi Hernandez’s debut as president of FC Barcelona will take place on Saturday, 20 November. The derby match against Espanyol is scheduled to start at the Camp Nou at 21:00. The broadcast of this meeting will be available on Canal + Sport 2 and online in the Canal + app.

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