September 21, 2021

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Bartomij Marczak: I love this sport and will play it as long as my health allows it

Bartłomiej Marszałek spoke about preparations and his history relating to Formula 1 motorboat racing. Team Orlen’s rival finished fifth in the European Grand Prix, the first H20 Formula 1 World Championship series of the year.

Tomasz Lorek: Bartłomiej Marszałek, a man who has spent many years riding motorboats and still hopes to become the world champion. This is correct?

Bartomeg Marczak: That’s why I do it, hope is the last to die. I have tangible evidence that this dream will come true in my life and I definitely treat it that way.

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The cost of this boat is about 150 thousand euros.

Without motor it wears out quickly. This is the Ferrari cost from the showroom. This is where investing begins. Then there is the operation of equipment, logistics and the organization of tests. The fuel I used for this Grand Prix alone would be enough for a year with the car.

Do you have to be careful about what you eat, or sometimes you can buy something more?

I shouldn’t indulge in frills and I don’t. I give up partying and eating for fun. My beloved wife cares about this very much, so I have the best care in this regard at the moment.

My life is that I don’t have white gloves, only cut-down, fat-stained hands. These hands work all the time because that’s part of my life. I love this sport and will play it for as long as my health allows. The cool thing about this is that at 38, I’m not a charterer yet. I am entering the period of my adventure in which I will likely have the greatest potential. For this reason, I have to take care of myself. Ten years ago, I came home from work and ate whatever was in the fridge. Now I can’t do that anymore because it’s completely put off. Sometimes you have to be defeated in this sport.

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