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Bartosz Couric looks like himself from the wonderful pair. Lively impressed Heinen!

Bartosz Couric looks like himself from the wonderful pair.  Lively impressed Heinen!

With 10 wins and 2 losses, the Polish volleyball team maintains the second place in the League of Nations. closer and closer fight for medals. How is the work going in the shape of the Olympic Games in Tokyo?

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Volleyball team statistics working behind the scenes. “Sometimes a man tries to guess the composition”

Poland in a big party

Fabian Drezga in the match, Bartosz Couric in attack, Wilfredo Leon and Michai Kubik in the party, Peter Novakowski and Jakub Kochanowski in the middle, and Bauer Zatorski in Libero – so we went to the Germans and played it all to match this squad.

In the fourth of five a series In the three matches held in Rimini, Vital Heinen gave the lead twice – with Canada and Germany. Our Belgian coach follows his predictions – the closer we get to the Olympic Games in Tokyo, the more difficult it will be to bet on the players he will most often use in the Olympic tournament.

there is a need. Drzyzga doesn’t always find speed Toys with Lyon. Kubik is growing – he’s visible in attack, excels more and more on serve and is all over the place in defense – but he has yet to shine in a tough game and he certainly deserves to be allowed to do so. Piotr Nowakowski also needs to play, as he left the start of the League of Nations for health reasons. Only a month and a week left until the Olympics. There are only a few matches left. It’s time to build form and confidence.

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Vital Heynen has fired the biggest guns! Poland wins the 10th League of Nations match

Bartosz Couric looked like himself. Even Heynen was happy

Kurek looked the best of all Polish aces. He hit with all his might, no matter what position he was in. He finished hard balls, he was not discouraged by mistakes. He played relentlessly.

Already in the first group he finished 9 out of 14 balls (64% effective). He had a good 50% efficiency throughout the match (13/26).

The best player at the 2018 World Cup was even more impressive when – as in that tournament – he made decisions that surprised everyone. Attack almost from the middle of the field? with full mod ±? In Turin, where Poland won the World Cup gold, these were the company’s stakes of one of our best defenders at the time. We’ll need this Kurek in Tokyo.

Poland - FranceA sensation in the League of Nations. The French lost again in the tiebreak and got out of the “four”.

The precious rematch is approaching

Before the match against Poland, Germany won four matches in Rimini and lost seven times. They managed to surprise by defeating Slovenia and Iran. But this is not their big tournament and it was obviously not going to be a big test for us.

They tried, and they played really hard, especially in the first set, because in the next set – when we hit our rhythm – they clearly stood out more than the world champions.

Now our team has three more matches from the main stage of the League of Nations. We will face Argentina on Monday, Iran on Tuesday and France on Wednesday. After 12 of 15 rounds, we were second in the table, almost certain to be promoted into the medals territory.

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As of today, everything indicates that Brazil and Poland will play in the semi-finals. The Olympic champion has a six-point lead over France by five. The world champions are four points ahead of the French. It is very likely that Slovenia will be among the four competing for the medals. It is now in third place with 26 points, as well as Russia fourth and France fifth. But the Slovenes have won nine matches and the forces behind them are eight.

League of Nations: Japan-Poland, volleyballBest player in the match against Japan confused Heinen’s mind. We are looking for twelve in Tokyo.

Let’s be happy with Brazil in the four. Let’s encourage Slovenes. We lost to these teams in Rimini. It’s worth playing a rematch. It is not even about looking for opportunities to return at any cost. It is simply important to check everything we prepare for the Olympics in meetings with those who allow to check it as far as possible.

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