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Battlefield 2042 is bullshit, you know. A well-known detective reveals behind the scenes

Battlefield 2042 is bullshit, you know.  A well-known detective reveals behind the scenes

Everyone can see Battlefield 2042. Most fans of the series, to put it mildly, failed. A well-known insider claims to know what went wrong.

Battlefield 2042 is certainly not successful. Suffice it to say that Community average score EA’s latest DICE launcher on Metacritic oscillates around 2-3/10. Even if some of the series’ most orthodox fans, disappointed with the changes in mechanics, exaggerate a bit, it’s hard to argue with the facts. Such as flaws located on all sides or an obvious lack of errors such as the lack of scoreboards in the game.

Opinions are unanimous: such garbage should not appear in stores. If this was the work of a small group of enthusiasts, it would probably have been partially overlooked, but EA is not a garage, it’s a juggernaut that spawned ponad 5.6 mld. net income. The question then arises, what can go wrong with such a large and well-funded machine.

Maybe not the cheapest, but somehow

Tom HendersonIt is a well-known newsletter for cult fans bf-a , pretends to know the answer. Share it with the world in more than half an hour of video posted on YouTube.

Henderson’s subtitles are pretty extensive and include many flavors, but it all leads to one conclusion. New one battlefield they were not created Programmers, designers, directors or any other artist. It was created by accountants for partnerships with marketers.

As we can find out, the game was originally meant to be a battle royale and in this agreement its creation began, having previously rejected other ideas such as making Bad company 3. only this in August 2020 The title in the proposed form was said to have no chance of earning satisfactory money, which led to a return to classic multiplayer.

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Of course, as far as can be done Within 15 months. That’s exactly how much the executive team was supposed to get to create something that would, on the one hand, be, battlefield, but on the other hand – it will go along with the current trends dictated by marketing professionals and market analysts.

Henderson explains that we can see the effects of this temporary change on the screen. And let’s add, the proportions provided also explain a large portion of the debatable mechanics, with huge maps up front.

Henderson: EA hasn’t learned anything

Interestingly, we can also learn that EA does not learn from its mistakes. According to the information provided, the next approach to the chain is to get a title with a size much smaller than BF 2042But that doesn’t mean going back to basics. On the other hand, I’m talking about the father. Dynamic shooter on small maps, with the characters in the main roles, which brings to mind, for example Note and watch.

In the meantime, the expansion of the current universe is supposed to involve some kind of marriage with Apex LegendsWhich should be understood as an increased focus on specialists. Again, however, there’s nothing here for longtime fans of the brand.

Image source: Shutterstock (@Rokas Tenys)

Text source: YouTube, ed. King

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