October 18, 2021

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Battlefield 6 again drops out.  Screenshots of the trailer have appeared on the web

Battlefield 6 again drops out. Screenshots of the trailer have appeared on the web

DICE and Electronic Arts have a serious problem with Battlefield 6. Once again, web materials have appeared that allow you to see new footage from the first promo. These screenshots confirm the previously disclosed information.

In June we’re supposed to see the first Battlefield 6 trailer, while … In July, we can expect a specific presentation of the latest release. However, the DICE and Electronic Arts teams have to take on a huge challenge, because someone has access to the first materials – Previously, the soundtrack of the trailer was releasedMeanwhile, attempts have been made at the moment to prepare some screenshots.

The person in charge of data sharing is literally playing with the community, because the graphics have an additional function that does not allow you to check exactly all the details. Tom Henderson commented on the footage and confirmed that it is authentic and comes from the Battlefield 6 teaser trailer.

Looking at the shots, we’ll see the island and the missile again. It seems very likely that its launch will be one of the “moments” previously mentioned by Electronic Arts employees, referring to the game experience that will only be available to the new generation.

A whistleblower appears to have access to DICE’s work and the players willingly share some inconveniences. However, the graphics do not spoil the Swedish team’s announcement, but more than that, there is no shortage of opinions that the footage shown is motivating fans to wait for the game to be shown.

Battlefield 6 - 2

Battlefield 6 - 4

Battlefield 6-5

Battlefield 6 - 6

Battlefield 6 - 7

Battlefield 6-8

Battlefield 6 - 9

Source: https://www.tweaktown.com/news/79406/battlefield-6-subreddit-lights-up-with-newly-leaked-images/index.html

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