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Bayern Munich celebrated the sale of Robert Lewandowski for 60 million euros ›

Bayern Munich celebrated the sale of Robert Lewandowski for 60 million euros ›
  • As I mentioned El País Bayern Munich has celebrated the transfer of Robert Lewandowski to Barcelona for an alleged 60 million euros
  • There was supposed to be a solemn atmosphere in the club, because according to sources close to the technical staff and the board of directors, after Bayern withdrew from the Champions League quarter-final against Villarreal, the club decided to offer the Poles to terminate the contract, if they did not agree to a one-year contract extension. Just.
  • The magazine also reported that Lewandowski’s move was a priority for Laporte, not Xavi, who was dependent on Messi’s return or Harry Kane’s transfer.

according to El País FC Barcelona was the only one to make an official offer for Robert Lewandowski. According to the newspaper, while Barcelona unofficially reported that the Pole would cost 50 million euros, Bayern said, on condition of anonymity, that the deal closed at a total amount of 60 million euros: 45 million euros fixed, five million if Barcelona qualified for the Champions League over the course of the year. The next few seasons and another 10 million if the player completes the first year of his contract with Barcelona. Barcelona insisted they would buy Robert for 60 million euros if Bayern publicly announced that they had sold the striker for 50 million euros. In this way, they want to mitigate the effects of the media – says the agent involved in the deal.

In February, at a meeting of the Bavarian board of directors with Julian Nagelsmann, the coach gave his first report on the state of the team, which should have shown “signs of fatigue”. Allegedly, the coach proposed to update the team in key positions. Nagelsmann was supposed to put a pole at the top of the list of players to be eliminated. The 34-year-old has argued his decision with the striker’s age, stating that his physical abilities and ambition are no longer so high. According to Nagelsman, Lewandowski represents the type of striker “doomed to extinction in modern football at teams like Bayern”. We won the German Bundesliga 10 times in a row. But if you want Bayern to be a contender in the Champions League, we need nine that not only finish the event, but also have a huge impact on team play in the recent period, Nagelsmann was supposed to say according to a club member. employees.

Nagelsmann allegedly explained that if Bayern had created ten chances to score, Lewandowski would have scored seven, but if the attack could have been reorganized without him, the team would have created 20 chances split between three attackers and two midfielders. The top nine players on this chart were Erling Haaland, Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino, whom he had known since his days at Hoffenheim and Red Bull Salzburg.

Shocked by this analysis, Khan and Salhidzic began watching Lewandowski in every match. The result after the draw against Villarreal was clear: Nagelsmann was right. In March, Bayern Munich tried unsuccessfully to sign a contract with Håland, while offering a one-year extension to Lewandowski, which he saw as an invitation to leave. Before Barcelona appeared on the horizon, Bayern officials had been in agreement on one thing for weeks: Lewandowski was professional and flawless, and the club took him for free in 2014. So, she deserves to leave without a transfer fee. This means that the club will save 60 million euros from his salary by 2023. According to El País, the Pole was supposed to admit in the coat room that his goal was not to make more money. His wife, Anna, wanted to live in a country in southern Europe, and Barcelona was offering him €23 million in total for four seasons, while he was earning €28 million at Bayern Munich.

Bayern allegedly said if they sold Lewandowski in June due to a mistake in Barcelona’s strategy. The player’s statements at the end of the season in May that he would not return to training with Bayern Munich were considered unacceptable blackmail. Uli Hoeness, the club’s honorary president, was of the opinion that the idea that any act of rebellion would pay off for a player could not make it to the dressing room. Hoeness was also said to have said among executives that he was confident Barcelona would eventually pay the required amount, as Laporta was interested in the move and not Xavi Hernandez. Bayern had to feign indifference and arrogance for days. He never responded to Barcelona’s initial offer of 45 million euros plus five million goals scored and forced the forward to appear on Sabener Strasse in remorse. Then it was Bayern itself who opened the negotiations when a senior executive approached Lewandowski last Monday to warn him that Barcelona would buy Rafinha for 70 million euros, indicating that if they really wanted him, they should put pressure on his agent, Benny Zahavi.

Last Wednesday, when Barcelona officially signed Rafina, Lewandowski told Zahavi to look for another club immediately. Zahavi spoke to Joan Laporta, and a few hours later, Bayern’s offices were on the verge of madness as offers started pouring in. Khan and Hoeness were not surprised. The Germans knew all along that interest in Barcelona would turn into a win for Bayern, with Joan Laporta having a very close relationship with Benny Xavi.

Now Nagelsmann tells his staff that Xavi has a very difficult task ahead of him. The coach notes that it will be very difficult for his Catalan colleague to adapt Lewandowski to the complex Barcelona match. In his opinion, the pole move was not one of Xavi’s desires. About two months ago, an acquaintance of Nagelsmann and Xavi admitted to the Bayern coach that the Barcelona coach’s priority was not to restore Lewandowski, but to bring back Messi, try to buy Gabriel Jesus, and even persuade Harry Kane to leave Tottenham. If they fail, they qualify for the Champions League. This information should have enlightened Nagelsmann, who for weeks has been trying to persuade Bayern executives to try to convince Harry Kane. The German believes that, unlike Lewandowski, he is the best striker in the world who creates dangerous situations for himself and his teammates.

It is worth mentioning that El País It is based on guesses and words allegedly heard by club staff. It is difficult to determine how true the scenario described is, but there are some reports that repeat themselves in the media, such as Bayern’s willingness to bring in Erling Haaland in place of Lewandowski and an unsatisfactory contract offer for the Pole. There were also rumors in the media that the Bavarians were interested in Harry Kane. Certainly, one should approach the information provided at a distance, awaiting further reports.

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