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Bayern Munich fans have never loved Robert Lewandowski

Bayern Munich fans have never loved Robert Lewandowski

Perhaps this is unacceptable to Bayern fans, because they want to see that their club is the biggest, but from the point of view of the footballer or coach, it would be a dream come true to play for Barcelona or Real Madrid. In Lewandowski’s case, it’s not even to play, to be in the club, but to be an important part of it. For Barcelona, ​​Lewandowski is an emblematic footballer. It’s meant to be a reaction to Karim Benzema in a sense, just as Cristiano Ronaldo has become Real’s reaction to Leo Messi. Of course, it is not realistic to reproduce that decade-long competition, but for two years building a story around the Lewandowski-Benzema race will be beneficial for both clubs.

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Therefore, Lewandowski decided to put the matter on the edge of football and decided to make a very sharp speech in which he said that he could not imagine playing for Bayern Munich. “You could have been a legend and you would become one of the many who played here,” Polsat Sport quoted German internet forums as “a great footballer, a little guy,” “You became an outstanding player with us, and also pays back.?”.

Daily newspaper Bild believes that if Bayern decide to keep the Pole, he will be booed at the Allianz Arena. But this disappointment seems a bit artificial. Having observed the relationship between Bayern Munich and Lewandowski for years, Hess was absolutely right. Lewandowski wasn’t the type of player you liked. He is neither Neymar nor Messi, and he cannot “push” three opponents to the ground in a small area. It’s not Zlatan, who adds to the crazy game the image of a man creating himself – half-jokingly – for God’s sake. He plays with the head, not the heart. Because Lewis is a rather cool professional, hired gunslinger, and trained goal-scoring machine.

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But Bayern Munich fans also may not be able to feel real emotions. We have been reading forums and German journalists for years. The truth is that Bayern never liked Lewandowski. He was respected there, he was a great personality, but he was not liked, because he is loved in Poland. Perhaps because of the German mood.

As Bild wrote: “In 375 matches with Bayern, Robert Lewandowski scored 344 goals. He broke records, like the record of Gerd Muller, scoring 41 goals per season. In 2015, in the match against Wolfsburg, he scored five goals in nine minutes., Which He was entered into the Guinness Book of Records, but his name rarely resonated in Allianz Arena in singing. ”

So there is no way and there has never been a cult of Lewandowski in Munich, about building a brand around him. Lewandowski himself may also feel that he has settled at Bayern, which means he has missed out on the opportunity to get the Ballon d’Or.

If he stays, it will be a problem for him and for Bayern Munich. Of course, according to Bayern Munich’s philosophy, no one can be greater than the club, but this is typical security thinking. Bayern withdrew from the world leaders today, and Lewandowski remains in it. The club from Munich is a burden on the player.

And for Bayern, enslaving the best footballer in the world could be a burden. It’s a picture of suicide. For comparison, Bayern today has 54 million followers on Facebook, Lewandowski 29 million followers. This is a real force that could undermine the image of the biggest club in Germany. Bayern Munich leaders should be aware of this.

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Roberto, Pedro and Diego in a conversation about Robert Lewandowski. What is the? Again an introvert, now finished humbly. When did you move? What kind of music does he listen to? Who stopped his father? What do you learn from Anya? We will also find out in which car he felt the king of life and why he fondly remembered a piece of cheese … The gentlemen also spoke about the reasons for leaving Bayern Munich, future plans and whether Leoy’s ambition bothers others. There was also a Spanish test and we learned how to ask for directions to the changing room in Spanish. Who knows, it might be useful. This is Robert Lewandowski as you’ve never heard of him.

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