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BDS speaks out against racism amid growing hate crimes against Asians

The PTS group against racism, especially against Asians, said in a statement released on its social media on Monday the 29th that hate crimes are on the rise in the United States. Created by RM, Jin, Suka, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, Septet recalls situations in which members themselves were the target of racial discrimination. Recently, this resonated on the web, creating a caricatured revolt of an American card company Shows seven injured artists, similar to the “butt hitting” game, The weapon used to beat them is a Grammy Cup. Tops later apologized. This is February, A German announcer also provoked outrage Describing members as “some low-quality virus, a vaccine”. The radio station also apologized.

Video: Passengers attack Asian man in New York subway; Police are investigating

“We remember the times when we as Asians faced discrimination. We endured bad words for no reason and were ridiculed for our appearance. We were even asked why Asians spoke English. The pain that became the target of hatred and violence cannot be translated into words. That is what happened in the last few weeks.” Our own experiences are irrelevant compared to events. But these experiences were enough to make us powerless and destroy our self-esteem. What is happening now is inseparable from our identity as Asians. Liked for a while. We have had considerable time to discuss this carefully and to reflect deeply on how we want to express our message. “(Read full note at the end).

Two hashtags used by PTS in support of the anti-apartheid movement quickly took over the web. In Twitter Brazil, both #StopAsianHateCrimes and #StopAAPIHate entered the issues of the moment, each passing 600 thousand notes.

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Racism: The reaction of a 76-year-old Chinese woman after being attacked by a white man in the United States goes viral; Watch


Tops cartoon featuring violent portrayals of the group, according to Hugo Katsuov, a graduate student in cinema with a master’s degree, audiovisual at the University Federal Fluminence (PPG-UFF) and of Asian descent.

Six women of Asian descent were killed: Eight people have been killed in attacks on massage parlors in Atlanta

– Yes, I see a bias of racism in this cartoon, which is a huge insult. Good to remember, this is not about PDS, it is about an entire community that has been attacked on the basis of violence, not just from America’s talk, but also physically. Then (the company) does not have the sensitivity to think that this is a serious matter in a way, when it refers to a group of Korean people being attacked.

Families lament: Victims are identified in the United States; ‘Words cannot describe our pain’

According to Katsuo, xenophobia against yellow populations occurred long before the corona virus or BDS became popular in the West. However, in the current context, given the circumstances surrounding the development of hate crimes in the United States, design has placed even more emphasis on racism.

– People of Asian descent in the United States are actually being beaten and murdered on the streets, just like women in recent times.

Racism: The basketball player who called Jeremy Lynn the ‘corona virus’ has been identified by the NBA

The members of the Septuagint were depicted with crushed faces, each member in a hole, as if in a “mole foot” style game, the weapon attacking them was referred to as the Grammy Cup.

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– BDS is one of the most white musicians in the world. They took a rate that people start to worry about: ‘How are you in a place that wasn’t created for you?’ – Katsuo confirmed.

Receiving K-Pop’s first nomination, the group competed for the song “Dynamite” in the category of Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group. As announced at an earlier event on Sunday afternoon, the hit went to Lady Gaga and Haryana Grande for the film “Rain on Me”.

What made the troops in the Grammys so unpopular, however, was that the awards put the PDS presentation at the end of the main ceremony. Many fans said it was disrespectful to keep them close to closing and that a way to use them to capture the audience had fallen by the wayside over the years.

– As far as we can explain the context in which this cartoon was created, this context is neither natural nor acceptable – evaluated by Daniela Masoor, an expert in Korean studies and television drama and a doctoral student at the university’s postgraduate communication project federation. Fluminance (PPGCOM / UFF).

– With the COVID-19 epidemic, Asian Americans and the yellow population in general around the world were brutally and unjustly positioned as the face of the faceless virus. This has made possible the racism and racism that already exists against these communities, communities, cultures and ultimately people, especially in the West. So, BDS ends up suffering for it too, and it is not without basis that they are represented in this way in the cartoon.

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At that time, the hashtags #RacismIsNotComedy (not racist comedy), #StopAsianHate (Stop hating Asians) and #AsiansAreHuman (Asians are human) were released. All three were raised by forces on the micro-blog as fans of the South Korean team BTS are invited.

One of the most notable cases this month occurred in California on the 17th. 76-year-old Chinese Xiao Zhen Xi was attacked while waiting to cross the street. The author was identified as 39-year-old Stephen Jenkins. And, the day before, Six women of Asian descent were killed at massage parlors In Georgia.

Below, in full, is the BTS report:

“We offer our deepest condolences to those who lost their loved ones. We are sad and we are angry.

As Asians we remember times when we faced discrimination. We endured slander for no reason and were ridiculed for our appearance. We were even asked why Asians spoke English.

For that reason we cannot put into words the pain that became the target of hatred and violence. Our own experiences are irrelevant compared to the events of the past few weeks. But these experiences were enough to make us feel powerless and destroy our self-esteem.

What is happening now is inseparable from our identity as Asians. It took us considerable time to discuss this carefully, and we reflected deeply on how we should express our message.

But it is clear what our voice needs to convey.

We are against racism.

We condemn violence.

You, me and all of us have the right to be honored. We will be together “.

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