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Be Like Ignacy “Be a Science Ambassador” – Seventh Edition of the Primary School Program – Ministry of Education and Science

Be Like Ignacy "Be a Science Ambassador" - Seventh Edition of the Primary School Program - Ministry of Education and Science

The aim of the program is to promote the acquisition of knowledge among students through the experience and dissemination of various fields of science and the achievements of the great Polish scientists and inventors. Each class is held in the form of fun fun that the students love.

Become an ambassador for science

This year, the work was launched under the slogan “Become an ambassador for scienceThe program aims to encourage children to consolidate science and gain knowledge in areas such as: astronomy, economics, forces of nature, optics and cryptography. The whole is ready even 8 interesting topics.

As part of this year’s edition, it will be built 16 episodes of the science and entertainment program. The main characters will be the characters of Ignacy and his assistant – Blu the robot, who is so adored by children. Every two weeks, participants will be able to learn about new topics that will introduce them to the topic of the classes. Episode 1 is now available on “To Be like Ignacy” YouTube channel.

In this edition, in addition to eminent historical figures, students will also have the opportunity to meet contemporary scholars who will be happy to share their knowledge and experience with them. Popular influencers among students will also be guests of the programme. All guests, whether from the world of science or the world of entertainment, will appear in the films, engaging science issues for children.

Educational materials for participants

On Be Like Ignacy The subjects are adapted to the level of education in the age groups: 1st, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th and 8th. Sixteen lesson scenarios were prepared for each group, two for each of the eight topics. Lesson scenarios will be available in print and interactive form. The educational materials, in print form, will go to the first 1,000 registered research clubs.

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Classes in the program are interdisciplinary. Among the issues are various design work, educational games, effective experiments, creative artwork, and challenges in building models.

Participation in the program and competition

Participation in the program is to create a research club in the school and conduct classes based on lesson scenarios. The program provides for the implementation of 16 lessons, educational activities will be conducted From the beginning of October 2022 until the end of May 2023

In addition, science clubs and their participants can carry out additional activities for the “Ambassador of Science”, promoting their activities in the local community and social media. The final effect of group work is competition work consisting of creating a project in the form of a mockup, device, presentation or film on one of the topics that came up during the classes. Science clubs get points for all activities that take place as part of the program implementation.

Accompanying the program “Be like a homosexual” Science Club Competition. There are cash prizes for schools and teachers as well as non-cash prizes for students in a total amount More than 300,000 PLN. The winners are the teams that collected the most points. The winning schools will also receive the prestigious “Ignacy’s Scientific School” title, and the best team will win the “School of the Year”.

More information about the “Be like Ignatius. Be an ambassador for science” program is available on the website by We also encourage you to follow news related to the program on Facebook at

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