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Beautiful and wise, or How “geographical graphics” combined art with science – Crazy Nauka

Beautiful and wise, or How "geographical graphics" combined art with science - Crazy Nauka

The text is an element of paid cooperation with Dobranoga Publishing House

Whenever there is talk of activities bordering on science and art, I have to admit a warning signal goes off for me. Because I’ve seen a few of these ideas that either use logos that look scientific and clever in a way that has nothing to do with science, or try to use art to make science “look nice”. Neither method gave the best results.

So I’m more than happy that a book has been written and it really makes sense to combine both areas. Perhaps it was not a revolution on a global scale, but the title itself and the publisher’s approach to this issue especially attracted me. The film is about “Geo-Graphic” by Regina Jimenez and published by Pharmaceutical Publishing.

This book is full of beautiful and artistic diagrams. Artistic, and at the same time very simple and transparent. It is not easy, because there is a strong temptation to put too much information or show it in a very effective way. Meanwhile, simpler is often better, and that’s how Geo-Graphics works.

As the name suggests, the book focuses on information about the Earth and its surroundings–from the Big Bang and galaxy types through climate change to the largest islands, lakes, and peaks.

Everything is rendered in a minimalist graphic style in a palette of muted colours. Very nice to look at, and very easy to absorb the information. At the same time, one wants to take a closer look, analyze what is written in small print, and compare the sizes of objects.

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You mentioned the publishing house – as I found out, the data in the book has been verified and updated where necessary. This is commendable, because sometimes even publishing houses that publish popular science books go through things that at first glance require verification and correction.

Here, the text is accompanied by graphics – the information in most cases is primary, and complements the picture.

It should also be noted that this is not a children’s book, although its format and style of publication may suggest something like that. However, I think it is ideal to sit down with an 8-10 year old and discuss more topics together. Or give it to an inquisitive 12-year-old who will surely discover a lot of amazing data here, and then we will feel stupid for not knowing about it before.

If you’ve been wisely searching for something sweet and wise for a Christmas gift, you’ve just found it.

In addition, I have a special code for you from the publisher. Special, because, firstly, it gives a discount on “geo-graphics”, and secondly, this discount also applies to other books of the “Druganoga” publishing house. To use it, go to it a store tusieczyta.plWhere you will find the book. Enter the code there when purchasing Krazynawka 15. In this simple and smart way, not only will you get 25% off the hardcover price of the store itself, but you’ll also get an additional 15% off the store price of all Phase 2 books. Very well


Regina Jimenez

so. The second stop

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