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Because of inflation, the importance of wage increases is diminishing

Because of inflation, the importance of wage increases is diminishing

The situation in the labor market is good and stable. At the end of April, the unemployment rate was 2.9%. In the province of Greater Poland to 8.3 per cent. in Warmen-Masurian province. On average, 5.2 per cent. a. Maria Drozdowicz, who analyzes the situation on the labor market every month and presents a labor market indicator, believes that a temporary deterioration in the labor market is possible in the near future.

How long that will take and whether it is serious depends on the depth of the economic downturn and geopolitical factors, including the war in Ukraine and the number of refugees who want to stay in Poland.

The economist notes that in April, regional labor offices received fewer job offers than in March. There were also fewer advertisements on Internet portals.

Companies are becoming more cautious in creating new jobs. For three months, the advantage of managers of manufacturing firms has been increasing the advantage of those who intend to reduce staffing in the near future over the percentage of firms that plan to increase staffing – Professor Situation Analyzes. Drozdovich explains: – Uncertainty, the risk of slowdown, high inflation and with it an increase in the price of credit, along with restrictions on the supply of labor, means that companies do not think about expansion and do not plan to increase employment.

In April, 100.4 thousand jobs were reported to labor offices. Job offers, more than 28 percent. Less than a month ago, but also 9 percent. Less than a year ago. Annually, nine fewer bids are submitted by private companies, and more than one (seventh) are offered by public sector companies and organizations. But there are not many of those (they represent about 11% of all vacancies).

a. Drozdowicz points out that for many years a serious problem in the labor market has been the mismatch between the needs of companies and the competencies of the unemployed. According to the data of the Central Statistical Office of Poland (GUS), no more than every third job offer is used for more than a month. The number of such vacancies is increasing – a year ago it was every fourth offer.

With a high annual wage differential in companies employing ten people (in the corporate sector) – 14.1 percent. The wage stratification in industries is not diminishing. Just over 4,000 total PLN was earned on average in companies producing clothing (13 percent more than last year). Wages are slightly higher in companies producing leather products (less than a total of 4.25 thousand PLN and an increase of 9% over the previous year). Also in tourism and gastronomy, where wages were about 27.5 percent. Earnings are higher than the previous year with an average of less than 4.6 thousand. Total PLN. The highest average wages are at mining and power plants, gas stations (about 9 thousand PLN total), refineries (about 10 thousand PLN) and in the information and communications department – more than 11 thousand PLN. has increased.

The Central Bureau of Statistics reported that the purchasing power of wages in the business sector was 1.7%. higher than last year.

Pensioners and retirees are already losing out. The purchasing power of the average benefit paid by ZUS was lower in April – at 2.2%. than last year, and in the four-month period – by 2.6 percent. The average purchasing power of benefits for individual farmers in April was 7.4 percent. Less than last year, while in January-May it fell by 6%. every year.

Alexandra Vandrigoska

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