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Beginning in March, ZUS will transfer these amounts to seniors. Quotation and pensions without tax! [27.12.21]

Beginning in March, ZUS will transfer these amounts to seniors.  Quotation and pensions without tax! [27.12.21]

In 2022, retirement benefits will be increased twice. Traditionally, there will be indexation in March, and already in January, due to the tax reform of the Polish system, income tax will not be deducted from pensions, but only the health insurance contribution. This means that the net amounts of current pensions will increase. The exact calculations are presented in the article below.

Disability and old age pension index, which will be much higher than expected. In line with the government’s assumptions in September, this indicator was set to be at 4.89%. However, the inflation rate was around 8 percent. This means that it will also affect the value of the smuggled old-age and disability pensions. If in December of this year inflation reached 8 percent. In the whole of 2021 it will reach an average value of 5%. This means it Pensions valuation It can be more than 6 per cent.

This means that it will also affect the value of the old-age and disability pension measure. How Much Retirement Benefits Increase From March? What other benefits will be indexed? For example, pensions that are paid to the elderly under an annual contract.

Today, it is not yet known what exactly the indexing index will be in 2022. We have to wait for the data for the whole year, but for sure due to inflation it will be higher than the government expected. Let us remind you that valuation is not the only benefit that older people will feel in 2022. In the so-called as it was envisaged that the Polish company Lada will introduce tax-free pensions. As a result, interest is expected to increase from January 2022.

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Read about the details in the gallery below. It also includes accounts for pensions indexed according to the currently proposed index.

The new retirement age is 2023 for those interested. New ideas emerge…

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