October 19, 2021

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Behind the scenes of Angela Merkel's secret dinner with judges from the Constitutional Court

Behind the scenes of Angela Merkel’s secret dinner with judges from the Constitutional Court

As reported by journalist De Rzecchi and TVP’s Berlin correspondent Cesare Gemeez, Welt am Sonntag found a note prepared after a dinner party that German Chancellor Angela Merkel issued to members of both houses. Federal Constitutional Court.

Documents in the possession of German media indicate that the government in Berlin fears the dinner will have “semi-explosive” effects. During the meeting, two issues were discussed.

The first relates to the ruling of the German Constitutional Court on Eurobonds. In May, the court ruled that German law takes precedence over EU law. The second case is related to the pandemic policy process, which is still pending, Gemez said.

Judges in their own case

The journalist emphasized that the alleged impartiality of the judges of the Federal Constitutional Court aroused interest in the Bundestag. – The AfD has applied to the Constitutional Court, claiming that the fact that Angela Merkel Meet with the judges of the Constitutional Court, may be a violation of the independence of this court. He added that the court, which in this case was the judge in its case, found that the request of the Alternative for Germany was totally unacceptable, noting that there was no way for the judges to be independent just because they had dinner with Chancellor Merkel.

He explained that the head of the German Constitutional Court was very close to Angela Merkel, who for many years was the vice-president of the CDU club in the Bundestag, Stefan Harbarth. “This is the man who was appointed to the Constitutional Court for obvious political reasons,” Gemeez assessed.

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