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Beijing 2022. The World Anti-Doping Agency warns athletes not to eat meat

Beijing 2022. The World Anti-Doping Agency warns athletes not to eat meat

Wada The athletes recommended that the food should be eaten only in places + certified + by the organizers of the games responsible for providing meat without contamination with prohibited substances. As emphasized, meat in China is often contaminated with low amounts of Clenbuterol.

This substance is considered a stimulant – it causes not only fat burning, but bronchiectasis, that is, an increase in the size of the respiratory tract.

Wada’s call, led by Bachka is bornIt is, in a sense, a response to the warning of the German Anti-Doping Agency, which explicitly called on athletes to avoid eating meat and to seek alternative foods in China.

Eating only in the Olympic Village, not in the city’s restaurants, shouldn’t be an issue during this year’s Olympics, for procedural reasons.

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all athletes, coaches and activists, after receiving two QR codes confirming that there is no infection with the Corona virus, will be included in the “closed loop” system, which means that they will be able to move only between the arenas and the Olympic Village with special vehicles. They won’t be able to leave it until they leave Beijing, and breaking health safety rules will have serious consequences, including expulsion from the village and termination of the competition.

The XXIV Olympiad will be held from February 4-20, while the Paralympic Games will be held from March 4-13.


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