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Belarus. Explosions at the Ziyabrak airport, where the Russians are stationed

Nie wiadomo, co było przyczyną wybuchów (fot. John Moore/Getty Images, zdjęcie ilustracyjne)

At least eight explosions occurred overnight near the Ziyabrak military airfield near Belarus Gomel, bloggers from the Belarusian Hagon Project, which monitors troop movements and armament in Belarus, reported. Russian forces control the airport and are using it for attacks against Ukraine.

Belarus. A Russian plane landed at Gomel Airport. You know what he was carrying

Putin’s army transports Russian missiles to Belarus. At the Gomel airport, near the border with Ukraine, an Il-76 transport plane of …

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Information about the explosions and flashes was provided by the independent channel “Biaroski Hagun”, which announced after midnight that at least eight lighting bombs were in the area of ​​the Ziabrauca airport. In the neighboring towns, people felt the shock wave.

“From 00.25 to 00.32 you could hear the explosions and feel the shock wave, several times there were flashes of light streaming through the clouds. The direction – Ziyabrak airport, ”- bloggers wrote.

Similar information was provided by Swiatlana Cichanouska’s advisor, Franak Viačorka. He said that at least eight explosions occurred in the Gomel region, near the border with Ukraine. According to eyewitnesses, the explosions took place near Ziabrueck Airport. There are Russian military planes stationed there.

He added in another intervention that there is no confirmation yet whether these explosions are related to military exercises conducted by the armed forces of Russia and Belarus on the territory of Belarus. He pointed out that “the Russian Air Force uses Zyabrak airport in the war with Ukraine.”

Earlier, the Belarusian Ministry of Defense reported the training of the Air Defense Forces and the Air Force with live ammunition, and it was not known whether this was related to the flares in the vicinity of Zyabruka.

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Tuesday “Piarosky Hagun” reported that a Russian military plane landed at Zyabrak airport, carrying missiles to launch S300 and S-400.

In early July, the Ukrainian military reported that Belarus had given the airfield near Gomel under Russian control. A Russian military base was set up there with Iskander-M missiles and an S-400 missile division.

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