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Belarus. Shooting in an apartment in Minsk. KGB officer killed

Belarus.  Shooting in an apartment in Minsk.  KGB officer killed

“During special operations to verify addresses for possible presence of persons involved in terrorist activities, a particularly dangerous criminal opened fire with a pistol at the officers in one of the apartments, as a result of which one of the employees of the State Security Committee was wounded and died. B. was reported by Western Interfax.The officers reportedly shot the man in retaliation.

A video of the event appeared on the network

A criminal case related to the murder of a duty officer was initiated. The event described was supposed to take place on Tuesday.

Also in the evening, a video was posted on pro-government social networks. In the video, which was compiled from footage from two cameras – in the apartment and in the staircase – you can see a man armed with a pistol, likely hunting, and – in other footage – a group of men in civilian clothes trying to get in and because of their unresponsiveness smash the door. With the man in the apartment, there’s a woman holding a phone in her hands – apparently recording a video.

After a group of men entered the apartment, the man opened fire, and then the newcomers returned fire. Then you can see a frame with the wounded man lying in the corridor.

Independent media: The article raises questions

The media determined that the man in the apartment was most likely 31-year-old Andre Zelser, an employee of the IT company EPAM.

State media widely commented on the event, arguing that it was evidence that “the opposition has turned to terrorism”, “crossed the red line”, etc. Condolences are being disseminated from various government structures. There is no other information about the dead officer, and it appears from the film that his name is Dmitry.

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In turn, independent media analyze the film’s material in detail and judge it as “raising questions”. They indicate, among other things, that the officers are in civilian clothes, although they were supposed to look for “people involved in terrorism”, the sounds of gunfire are low and the material is specially modified.


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