September 21, 2021

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Belarusian Cyber ​​Supporters vs. Alexander Lukashenko

Belarusian Cyber ​​Supporters vs. Alexander Lukashenko

“We are striving hard to paralyze the regime’s security forces (…) We also want to ensure the safety of the protesters,” one of the group’s representatives said during a conversation with journalists. They explained their plans, “Our goal is to stop the violence and repression by the terrorist regime in Belarus and restore the rule of law.”

Supporters of Belarus Cyber ​​launched their attacks in September last year, after the presidential elections. The group consists of 15 IT experts from the Belarusian technology sector, and they said in an interview with the media, none of them are a “real hacker”.

The report, prepared by the journalists, shows that cyber parties would have gained access to the Interior Ministry’s database and video materials from drones recording last year’s protests. In addition, they are required to keep not only notes about police informants and secrets of government officials, but also audiotapes of wiretaps created by special services and video materials from the cells in which the detained demonstrators were held.

Activists work with a group called BYPOL, which consists of past and current partners from the government side. The two organizations are supposed to share the collected information regularly – we read in the MIT Technology Review and Bloomberg article.

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