October 18, 2021

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Bełchatów power plant - failed.  There are 6 power units in operation

Bełchatów power plant – failed. There are 6 power units in operation

After Monday’s emergency shutdown of ten power units from Bełchatów Power Station, 6 units were put into operation on Tuesday. Electricity is produced without interruption by the highest power unit connected to Trębaczew, PGE reported on Twitter.

“Today, 6 power units No. 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11. The electricity is produced without any interruption by a block of highest power connected to the Trębaczew substation. Launching the generating units after this sudden shutdown is a major technical challenge” – PGE announced on Twitter.

The energy concern estimated that the situation at the power plant was now stabilizing. “The launch of generating units after this sudden shutdown is a major technical challenge for industry professionals working in the power plant” – it was explained.


On Monday afternoon, as a result of the activation of electrical protection at the switching station in Rogovi, of the Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne company, at the Bełchatów power station, an emergency shutdown of 10 power units with a total capacity of about 3,900 MW was taken off.

The failure was removed at Rogowiec’s distribution station near Bełchatów on Monday. Its causes are not yet known. A team of engineers and specialists is constantly working on the power plant to restore all power units that are shut down in an emergency

As confirmed by Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne spokeswoman, Piata Jarush Dzikanowska, earlier, the national energy system is operating stably. A shortage is not expected. As the system operator, we have a reserve required and can use the import in an emergency – she confirmed.

On Monday evening, electricity at the Bełchatów power plant was produced only by the highest power unit connected to the Trębaczew station near Działoszyn.

About companies

PSE is a state treasury company that operates the electricity transmission system in Poland. It is responsible for balancing the power system as well as maintaining and developing network infrastructure, including cross-border connections. PSE operates more than 15,000 kilometers of overvoltage lines and 109 power stations.

The Bełchatów Power Plant is the largest lignite-powered unit in Europe, producing around 35 TWh of electricity, which is 22 percent. Local energy. The working power units are 5298 MW. The electricity generated at the power plant goes to approximately 11.5 million households. It is one of the most modern power plants of this type in the world.

Main Image Source: PAP / Leszek Wdowiński

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